[ s t y l e ] Padded Chic

I love the new padded down jacket from Sweetest Goodbye.  It’s extremely well made and the cropped shape is edgy, quite different from other down jackets in the grid.  Here is a look I would definitely wear in RL.  

– BODY –
Hair: Sasha Bistre by Maitreya RED CROSS HAITI
Skin: Jules Red Cross Natural by Rockberry RED CROSS HAITI
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Photoshoot II Lashes by LeLutka

Jacket: Apollo 18 Blue by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Top: Priscilla in White Top by Lost Dreams Designs (part of outfit) *** MODEL COPY ***
Undershirt: Emi Strapless Dress Top by Pink Outfitters (part of outfit)
Pants: Cropped Pants Black by Coco
Bag: Yfke Bag Midnight by Pacadi Jasha *** REVIEW COPY ***
Shoes: Thigh High Boots Black by J’s

Poses: Glam 7, Celeste 3 and 8 by Diesel Works *** REVIEW COPY ***
Music: LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous


[ s t y l e ] Cabana Boy

Cabana Boy

I am still obsessed with straw hats so here I am wearing a short-hair version today.  This Summer promises to be sizzling hot so I put together a comfortable resort look still wearable in the city.  The flowered shirt is from Pure Style called Plumeria.  I received it as a gift from Mimify Loon a while back but never really had a chance to wear it till today.  Thanks Mimify!  The big flower prints put me in a good mood and like her other items the prims are scripted to re-size.  Don’t let those sculpted prims scare you.  I like to mix and match new clothes with old items.  Today I pay tribute to G.L.A.M (also known as Vive La Glam) and Last Call.  Both stores are not present in SL right now, but I hope at least Vive La Glam will return sometime in the future.

– BODY –
Hair: 69 – Envy Me Blackishbrown
Skin: Rockberry – Mia D Natural Freckles
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Summer Dry Soil Medium
Lashes: LeLutka Beaute – Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: J’s – Natural Real Nails Silk

Top: Pure Style – Plumeria Top Umber (part of set)
Pants: G.L.A.M. – Golden Apple Capri Jeans in Chalk (no longer available)
Bangles: Atelier AM – Wooden Bracelet
Bag: Ume Mode – Ratan Bag (previous gift)
Shoes:  Last Call – Aruba Flip Flops (no longer available/previous group gift)

Pose: TorridWear – Vain 1, 3, and 6
Music: Gilberto Gil – Mar De Copa Cabana

[ s t y l e ] Pink Blossoms

Pink Blossoms

I am back!!!  I just got back from a short trip to Spain and Portugal and I miss it already.  Anyways, I am glad to be back and I have been quite busy checking out all the new releases I missed out during my absense.  Today I mixed some new and old items from Paper Couture and my new skirt from Royal Blue to create today’s extravagant, over the top look.  After all, Spring is all about flowers~ 

The whole look started off with the flower sculptie skirt from Royal Blue.  I have always been a big fan of Marni Grut.  Her corky avant-garde fashion style has won my heart from the first time I stepped into her store as a newbie almost two years ago.  Spring 2009 release is no disappointment.  There are so many cute items but this skirt just screamed “wear me”.  

I added the flower headpiece and hair (Frida) from Paper Couture, part of 2009 Spring/Summer Collection.  I tinted the flower head piece a bit darker to match the skirt.  For the top, I pulled out of one of Paper Couture’s earlier collection.  I edited the arms for a tighter fit to accentuate the silhouette of the skirt.  I added pink/mauve pumps from Maitreya keeping with the same color scheme.  Perhaps it’s too much pink, but since we are playing with too many shapes, I thought keeping the color paillete monotonous would tame the look a bit.  For accessories, I just added some gold drop earrings from Paper Couture and gold clutch from Fleur.

Note the skin is a recent group gift from Rockberry.  It’s been blogged all over, but I think it looks great on me too.

One more thing, the poses used for this blog are from Behaviour Body located at Baiastice.  These are part of the animated pose sets.  These are looped animated poses which are more appropriate for the runway or AO.  Be sure to go to the store and try them.  I love these and can’t wait to use them on the runway.

– BODY –
Hair: Paper Couture – Frida Brown with Frida Rose in Pink (tinted darker)
Skin: Rockberry – Uma Group Gift Natural
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Ocean Driftwood
Lashes: LeLutka Beaute – Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: J’s – Natural Real Nails Silk

Earrings: Paper Couture – Faceted Golden Sapphire Dangle Yellow
Top: Paper Couture – Silk Iris Dress Top (part of outfit)
Skirt: Royal Blue – Spring Bum in Bubble Gum
Bag: Fleur – Gold Pailette Clutch
Shoes: Maitreya – Slinky Stiletto Patent Fuchsia

Poses: Behaviour Body – Model Poses Animated Sets Pose 7, 17, 20, and 24
Music: Dimitri From Paris – Une Very Stylish Fille

[ s t y l e ] Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

The little black dress (LBD) is an essential piece in anyone’s wardrobe.  It is like a canvas.  It enhances whatever jewelry or other accessories you are wearing, your make-up, and your hair,  without distracting away from them.  Accessorize it with different items and you can give a little black dress a whole new persona.  Get one in a classic shape for a timeless sophiscated look.  

Here I took my favorite little black dress, Eva Dress from Artilleri.  I have worn this dress before to create my low ARC outfit in a previous post.  Today I accessorized it with bold jewelry to create an elegant but trendy look embracing some of the 2009 Spring/Summer trends.  The earrings and necklace are the focus of the outfit.  This statement jewelry Pride Gold is from Modern Gypsy, just released over the weekend.  They are so chic, quite a modern interpretation of African influences.  I think bold jewelry like these look best with simple silhouttes.  I added a simple belt with gold buckles from LeLutka Mode.  It’s part of another great LBD.  For shoes and bag, I toned down the color to a more neutral shade of gold.  The pumps are from SKG and the clutch is from Baiastice.

On to hair and make-up, I have gone blonde lately.  As you know by now, I usually wear black brown hair, but lately I have been inclined to wear more platinum blonde shades for a change.  This particular hair style is from LeLutka Beaute, a previous group gift.  I wanted to keep the hair clean and simple and this was perfect.  The make-up is from Rockberry‘s Mia line.  I love the freckles on this one. 

Hair: LeLutka Beaute – Magdalena Platinum (previous group gift)
Skin: Rockberry – Mia A Natural Freckles
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: Cybernetics – Prim Lashes L1 B1
Manicure: Snatch – Nail Candy Dark Red

Jewelry: Modern Gypsy – Statement Jewelry Pride Gold
Dress: Artilleri – Eva Dress
Belt: LeLutka – Valentina Black Belt Gold Buckle (part of outfit)
Bag: Baiastice – 2009 Crocodile Pochette Silver
Shoes: SKG – Marie FH Pointed Pumps Pecan

Pose: Reel Expression – Fashion S3 Pose 1, Runway Pose 1 and 10

[ s t y l e ] Hyori Style

Hyori Style

There are some items in my SL inventory I would not wear or buy in RL, mainly because of practicality or because it simply does not suit me.  Such is the case with some of the items I am wearing today, like the cargo pants, the athletic heels, and the baseball cap.  When it comes to casual clothes, I am more of a jeans girl not cargo pants, and although I am all for heels, the idea of athletic heels is just not my cup of tea.  However, in SL, I am often tempted to step out of my comfort zone and try out different styles just for fun.

Today I imitated Hyori‘s style.  Lee Hyori is one of the most popular female singer in K-Pop.  Baggy pants, aviator sunglasses, and baseball caps are key pieces for her signature look.  Here I decided to recreate her style by choosing the Low Rise Heavy Cargo pants from Bare Rose.  Like most Bare Rose items, Low Rise Heavy Cargo set contains various color options.  The set comes with five different color pants and two different color cropped tanks.  I picked out the black cargo pants today.  These pants are really baggy.  Baggy pants can be very unflattering, but if worn right it can be quite stylish.    Hyori does it best by wearing these with a simple tank top.  I am wearing Lindsay from JE*Republic.  I did accessorize the look with some colorful bangles.  I tossed away my usual clutches and handbags for a casual backpack from Izumiya.  The shoes are from Redgrave, Athlete Heels, definitely something you would see Hyori wear.   For makeup, I went for smokey eyes, Megan B Natural from Rockberry, a lucky chair prize.  Hair is from Sixty-Nine.  I let it loose wearing a baseball cap just like Hyori would.  I should have added some aviator sunglasses but I wanted to show off my smokey eyes so I left those in the bag.

– BODY –
Hair: 69 – IN2U Blackish Brown
Skin: Rockberry – Megan B Natural (lucky chair prize)
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – MMS Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: Orchid Dreams – Purple Swirl Nails

Bag: Izumiya – Back Pack Bag Kawa
Bangle R: Mezzo – M-Double Bangle Rameacryl Violet
Bangle L: Junk – Chibi Bangle Purple
Top: JE*Republic – Lindsay Grape w/ Lindsay Necklace 6
Pants: Bare Rose – Low Rise Heavy Cargo Black
Shoes: Redgrave – Athlete Heels Orange/Brown

Pose: LAP – SS Beach Babe, SS Come On In, and When I’m Alone