Poetic Colors


EmotionsI am so tempted to buy another mesh head mainly so my pictures can convey more emotions.  The new Jessica head from Catwa is impressive.  I picked up a demo and started to play around with my Omega applier skins in my inventory and I quite liked how user friendly the HUD is.  There are enough slots for me to save my favorite skins, make ups, eyebrows, etc.  It comes with quite a number of expressions so that’s a big plus.  Unfortunately, while this head is beautiful, I still have not found an Asian skin for this mesh head, so I will wait till I see more skin options first.  If you know of any Asian skins compatible with Catwa or Omega System please let me know!  By the way, I have tried Lumae’s Fae skin on this head but it didn’t look very Asian.

Hair: ploom – Faye Candy
Mesh Head: Catwa – Head Jessica (demo)
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Lumae – Niska Eione Amemone (Enchantment Hunt) Omega Head Applier & Maitreya Body Eione Applier
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Autumn Moon (previous gift)
Poses: Dimma – Grand Opening Gift Pose 2
Music: LeeSsang – 회상 featuring 백지영

[ s k i n ] Sharon by YourSkin & YourShape

Sharon is yet another delightful skin from YourSkin & YourShape.  Those who picked up the Christmas Group Gift #9 already got a little sneak preview.   Ever since I tried on the group gift skin, I have been dying to get my hands on other make ups, and they are here now!  Yay!  Sharon comes with three eyebrow options: dark (shown above), light, and red.  It also has a dark brown hairbase option with dark eyebrows.  There are 14 great make ups for this skin line.  Above are some of my favorites, and below the rest of the make ups available for this skin.  Note this is in a tan tone.  A lighter skintone and a darker skintone will be released at a later date. 

Hair: Flapper Smoke by ETD
Skin: Sharon by YourSkin & YourShape
Eyes: Ocean Driftwood by Poetic Colors
Lashes: PhotoshootII Lashes by LeLutka

[ s t y l e ] Geometric Prints

I like playing around with patterns.  Today I chose this interesting dress with cool geometric prints from Modern Gypsy.  The shape of the dress is very retro and classic, but the geometric prints make the dress modern.  I kept accessories very feminine and sophisticated.

– BODY –
Skin: Imani 04 Nougat Hairbase Glow Skin by Laqroki
Eyes: Ocean Driftwood by Poetic Colors
Lashes: PhotoshootII Lashes by LeLutka

Hat: Hat Red by COCO
Bag: Big Clutch in Red Vinyl Leather/Silver by +plus 
Earrings: White Pearl Diamond Piercing by Crystal Line
Necklace: White Pearl Necklace Silver by YourSkin & YourShape
Ring: Chantal Ring by Donna Flora
Dress: Fame Mistress by Modern Gypsy
Shoes: Surudoi Red by Jimmy Chau

Poses: Luth High Fashion 12, Luth Fashion S3 02, and Luth Fashion S4 02 by Reel Expression
Music: George Michael – Flawless (Go to the City)

[ s k i n ] Ling by Glance Skins


I came across Glance Skins checking out the “So 2010” Secret 50L Sale.  One of the skin lines, Ling, caught my attention as it is one of the Asian skin lines available at the store.  Although there are some minor visible seamlines along the shoulders and legs, the facial features were extremely appealing.  The skin does not look very Asian on my shape, but I do find the exotique features very attractive.  I love the make up choices available too, thus I am extremely happy to add these to my collection of skins.



Hair: Colleen Dark Brown by Aden
Skin: Ling by Glance Skins
Eyes: Ocean Driftwood by Poetic Colors
Lashes: PhotoshootII Lashes by LeLutka
Bikini: O Ring Bikini Green by Second Wave Apparel
Poses: Luth Attitude 9, 10, and 12 by Reel Expression

[ s t y l e ] Power Coat

Sometimes all you need is a beautiful coat to be stylish. 

– BODY –
Hair: Monae Brun Fonce by Labiega
Skin: Ling Pink by Glance Skins
Eyes: Ocean Driftwood by Poetic Colors

Sunglasses: Reptile Sunglasses Black by Artilleri
Earrings: Le Look La Femme Earrings Mazuka Earrings by U&R
Coat: Chichi Coat Hot Pink by Chantkare
Dress: One Shoulder Mini Dress Black by Cupcakes
Bag: Mini Handbag by Label Mode (gift)
Shoes: Thigh High Boots by J’s

Poses: Female Blogger 3 Primskirt, 8 Systemskirt, and 10 Primskirt by Long Awkward Pose
Music: Futureshock featuring Ben Onono – On My Mind

[ s t y l e ] I Love Singapore!

I am not Miss Singapore.  I am not even Singaporean, but Singapore is one of my favorite countries in Asia.  Just this month, I visited Singapore twice already and no, it’s not close from home.  It’s about a seven hour plane ride away.  Beautiful Christmas lights, great food, and friendly people, Singapore is a melting pot of a lot of different cultures which is very appealing to me.

When I saw the new releases from Nicky Ree and Alienbear honoring Singapore, I knew I had to get my hands on them.  Both designers were inspired by the national flower of Singapore, Vanda Miss Joaquim, a tropical flower.   Well known for their intricate and beautiful textures and prim work, Nicky Ree and Alienbear have outdone themselves this time.  I just feel  so feminine and exotic! 

Note the dress can be worn in many different ways.  Above, I tried to show you some options.

– BODY –
Hair: Nova Black by Kin
Skin: Ling Tropic by Glance Skins
Eyes: Ocean Driftwood by Poetic Colors
Lashes: Showgirl by Redgrave

Earrings: Natasja Gold Earrings White by Alienbear Designs
Necklace: Natasja Gold Necklace White by Alienbear Designs
Outfit: Joaquim Saree  Collection in Green by Designing Nicky Ree
Shoes: Delhi Heel by Digit Darkes

Poses: Luth Party Dress 4, 9, and 11 by Reel Expression
Music: Yokijobo – Orchid Queen

[ p o s t c a r d ] Amethyst Fairy at Taniz

[ p o s t c a r d ] Amethyst Fairy

Taniz is a sim made of a group of islands dedicated to mystical creatures and fantasy.  Upon arrival, you will land at a skybox overlooking the sim.  Hop on the balloon to get a general tour of the sim and to reach the main area.  From the main area, you can TP using the Taniz Teleporter Bamboo to check out all the interesting places the sim has to offer: Adamanta Thol, Chinese Dream, Dragons’ Island, Hippie Beach, Lakotas’ Camp, Kameleon’s Dream, Mermaids, Pirates Port, Vampire Club, and Zeppelin.  There are lots of pose balls for couples including couple dancing, all around the sim.  Needless to say, there are some great photo locations as as well. 

While exploring, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners of the sim, Unkyie Jewell.  Unkyie says they hold themed parties and events at the sim.  I can’t wait to attend one!

Hair: House of Heart – Wiccan Platinum
Skin: Lion Skins – Ying Pale 10
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Ocean Driftwood
Lashes: Nuuna’s Skins – Nuuna Doll Skin Prim Lashes
Manicure: Adam n Eve – Plum Finger Nails
Earrings: MiamMiam Luxe – Amethyst Jewel Chandelier Earrings
Bracelet: MiamMiam Luxe – Amethyst Jewel Bangle
Staff: BLD – Star Amethyst Staff
Outfit: LVS – Autumn Fae Royal Amethyst (includes wings and head piece)
Shoes: Maitreya – Slinky Stilettos Patent Wine
Pose: Glitterati – Vogue 6