[ s t y l e ] Neo Geisha

My friend Sbecky introduce me to a new store, at least new to me, called Les Petits Details by Nevery Lorakeet.  The store carries very cute clothes, skins and even poses.  Nevery was kind to send me some samples of her work for today’s look.  I loved the ads in her store featuring geisha girls as models, so I decided to keep the same theme for my look today.  I picked out the silk flower green dress and pink leggings from Nevery’s store.  The skin is also from Les Petits Details, but this is only for sale to *Les Petit Details* in-world group member for L$100.  Two versions are included, with eyebrows and without eyebrows.  There is no fee to join the group.  There are also some group gifts at the entrance of the store as well.  Nevery also carries some interesting eyelashes.  I am wearing Tatoo Garden today.  Once again, the poses I have used for my pictures today are from Perfection Is Style.  Thank you Sbecky for introducing me to Les Petits Details and for the wonderful poses.  Thanks Nevery for the gifts!

One more thing, Magika is having a sale.  All full priced hairstyles are marked down to L$89 per color pack and L$249 per fat pack.  If you want to avoid lag and see what styles are available, check out the hair gallery at Magika’s blog.  There are some cute hairstyles not to be missed.

Hair: Magika – Kaylee B&W Cocoa
Skin: Les Petits Details – Geisha No Brows (L$100 for group members only) *R*
Eyes: Tuli – Brown Eyes
Lashes: Les Petits Details – Eyelashes Tatoo Garden *R*
Manicure: On The Catwalk  – Pink Nails
Dress: Les Petits Details – Silk Flower Green Dress *R*
Leggings: Les Petits Details – Pretty Clown Dress Leggings Pink (part of outfit) *R*
Bag: DeLa – Clutch Bag Zazu Crocodile Pink
Bracelet: Fairy Tail – Leather Bracelets 6 (gatcha item)
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti Hot Pink
Other: Laqroki – Free Face Light
Pose: Perfection Is Style – Professional Catwalk and Photoshoot Pose 5 and 10 *R*
Advanced Sky Setting: Night
Location: Neo Osaka
Music: Pizzicato Five – Tokyo, Mon Amour

Note *R* denotes review copy.


[ s t y l e ] Last Chance for Revolution

The Revolution Line at LeeZu! is one of the reasons why I instantly became a huge fan of LeeZu Baxter, and eventually motivate me to apply to be part of the LeeZu! family.  More than three years ago when I stumbled across this store, I stared in awe with admiration at the beautiful outfits from this line.  Back then, it was out of my budget but I saved my lindens from camping, greeting/modeling jobs to buy Maita.  Although the design is more than three years old, the rich textures and the versatility of the outfit are some of the reasons why it still remains as one of my favorites.  Maita reminds me of Alexander Mcqueen’s last Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection in RL. It is definitely a timeless piece one could own.

Note the Revolution Line will be on sale till Sept 24th at 40-60% discount.  After that it will be removed from the grid forever to make room for new creations by LeeZu.  This is your last chance to pick them up so make sure you stop by sometime this week before Friday.

While you are at LeeZu!, you might also want to check out Lion Skin’s newest release, Zora, which is the skin I used for today’s post.  Gorgeous!  The hair is a new release from Bliss Couture for Hair Fair 2010.  Hair Fair 2010 just closed its doors, but you should be able to find them at Bliss Couture mainstore.  The poses are from Perfection Is Style, a new pose shop by my facebook friend, Sbecky Kidd.  They are ease in so you can use them on the runway as well.

Hair: Bliss Couture – May Hair Chocolat (Hair Fair 2010)
Skin: Lion Skins – Zora Sunkiss 2  *R*
Eyes: FTL – Dawn Eyes Hazel Byakuroku
Lashes: Sweetest Goodbye – Eyelash  *S*
Earrings: Dahlinks – Square Diamond Studs
Bracelet: Dahlinks – Diamond & Pearls Bracelet
Outfit: LeeZu! – REVOLUTION Maita  *S*
Shoes: Maitreya – Slinky Stilettos Patent Black
Pose: Perfection Is Style – Professional Catwalk and Photoshoot Pose 21 and 23  *R*
Other: Laqroki – Face Light
Location: Tempura Island
Advanced Sky: Night
Music: Yonderboi – Ohne Chanteuse


NOTE: *R* denotes review copy and *S* denotes sponsor.

[ s t y l e ] Late Afternoon Stroll into Royal Blue

Royal Blue, one of my favorite stores since my newbie days, is back!  Marni Grut returns with some very wearable items and I can’t help but scream with joy.  After all the gowns and formal dresses, I really needed to dress down today.  I am actually more of a pair of jeans and a nice top kind of girl.  The store opened today so hurry up and check it out!  You won’t be disappointed. 

Hair: Maitreya – Green II Chocolate
Skin: Sunny Soon Su Skin – HyeRim Makeup 10  *** NEW REVIEW COPY ***
Additional Makeup: Sunny Soon Su Skin – Eyelash + Blush (tattoo layer)  *** NEW REVIEW COPY ***
Eyes: Tuli – Brown Eyes
Lashes: Sweetest Goodbye – Eyelash  *** SPONSOR ***
Necklace #1: Exodi – Prathivi Necklace
Necklace #2: Chloe – Timeless Necklace Gold  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Top: Royal Blue – Frills All Around in Seeing Red  *** NEW REVIEW COPY ***
Pants: Royal Blue – Generation Denim Jeans in Sea Wash  *** NEW REVIEW COPY ***
Bag: Saikin – Straw Bag K8 Ocean
Ring: Paper Couture – Bird Ring
Shoes: In Her Shoes – Bow Bow Flats Distressed Red
Facelight: Laqroki – Face Light (free)
Pose: Diesel Works – Scarlett 3
Location: Junkyard Blues
Advanced Sky: AM Radio’s Nostalgia
Music: Phoenix – Listomania

[ s t y l e ] Dreamy Pink

A couple of days ago during my shift at LeeZu!, a customer asked to view a picture of LeeZu!’s item for the Platinum Hunt.  The Mirelle Gown in Pink is a beautiful gown not to be missed, only L$10.  All you need to do is find the black ring box with a white pearl in it.  Actually, it is quite easy to find.  A little hint, “I’m under Buddha’s protection.”  The hunt is on till Aug 31st, so hurry and come pick up your copy.  I wonder if LeeZu has plans to release this gown in other colors, because it’s just gorgeous!

Note the pose used today if from a new store, Perfection Is Style.  The poses are ease in so appropriate for runway as well.  I love ease in poses!  If you are a pose maker, pls make your poses ease in if you can.  Perhaps it’s just me, but I do prefer my poses to glide into position eventhough I am doing less catwalk these days.  Just a suggestion~

Hair: Baiastice – Magda Hair Attachment Brown  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Skin: Baiastice – Pulchra Porcelaine Make Up 3 Brown + Hair   *** REVIEW COPY *** 
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: Sweetest Goodbye – Eyelash  *** SPONSOR ***
Earrings: Paper Couture – Crystal Bloom Earrings (part of set)
Ring: Paper Couture – Times Square Ring Kyanite Dark Blue
Dress: LeeZu! – Mirelle Gown Pink (Platinum Hunt)  *** SPONSOR ***
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure Eggplant
Facelight: Laqroki – Face Light (free)
Pose: Perfection Is Style – Professional Catwalk’s & Photoshoot’s Pose 6  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Location: Chouchou
Advanced Sky Setting: [CB] Rouge 4
Music: Chouchou – B612

[ s t y l e ] Bye Bye Crimson Shadow!

[ s t y l e ] Bye Bye Crimson Shadow

As you may all know, Rezzable is closing down most of their SIMs in Second Life including Crimson Shadow.  Although I am not into goth or role play, Crimson Shadow was definitely one of my favorite places to visit in SL.  Before closing its doors completely, Crimson Shadow is having an everything for L$50 sale.  I am not sure how long it will last, but there are some great pieces that are stylish for any ocassion even if you are not a vampire or goth.  I picked out this gorgeous black corset feather dress, styled it with some black pearl earrings from Paper Couture and patent ankle boots from Bax Coen.  My hair is from JE*Republic, one of its most recent release Olivia. The skin is from Laqroki, also a recent release, Claudia. 

If you have never been to Crimson Shadow, I strongly suggest you hurry and take a tour of this luscious vampiric area before it closes down. 

– BODY –
Hair: JE*Republic – Olivia Smoky
Skin: Laqroki – Claudia 8 Peach Glow Skin
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Ocean Driftwood Medium
Lashes: Redgrave – Eyelashes Showgirl

Earrings: Paper Couture – Vintage Black Earrings
Outfit: Crimson Shadow – Black Corset n Feathers Dress 
Shoes: Bax Coen – Ankle Boots Black Patent

Pose: Reel Expression – Luth Fashion S6 Pose 6, Pose 10, and Pose 11
Music: Rumble Roses XX – Crimson Shadow

[ s t y l e ] School Girl

School Girl

First of all, I would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to Callie Cline for organizing the Blogger Appreciation Week, and to all those who contributed to a wonderful week of events, gifts and festivities.  I am thrilled to be part of it, and this past week goes down as one of my most memorable moments in SL. 

On to today’s outfit, I stepped away from my usual glam and glitz, away from haute couture, into something more casual.  This school girl outfit started with my new hair from JE*Republic.  Vella is quite cute, braided on the side, and short.  It looks best with a hair base skin, such as the one I am wearing, Tessa from Laqroki. 

Actually, have you been to JE*Republic lately?  Jungeun Vella has revamped her store.  The hair section has been upgraded with new and improved hair textures, new color packages, and new vending displays.  She has a few new releases too.  My favorite hair color is still smoky, which is resembles my RL hair color the most. 

For the outfit, I picked out some pieces from Sweetest Goodbye.  If you know me or have read my blogs, you probably know I work for Sweetest Goodbye.  Therefore, my opinion about Sweetest Goodbye may be a bit biaised, but I love this store.  The shoes are my old time favorites, Old Laced Up Boots from Shiny Things.  To finish off the look, I added some bracelets from Caliente Express and Cake with simple hoop earrings from Primalot

Note the poses used for this post are from Imperial Elegance.  They are not ease-in so not appropriate for runway or AO, but these are great for blogging and picture taking.  I believe there is a sale going on right now, so check it out.

P.S.  I just wanted to add the bag I am carrying is from Kittylicous.  I thought the store had closed down, but it’s open. Yay!  Check out Kittylicous at their main store here.  Thanks Gypsy Helendale and Kaete Guisse for pointing this out… and apologies if I caused any confusion!

– BODY –
Hair: JE*Republic – Vella Smoky
Skin: Laqroki – Tess 01 Peach Hairbase Glow Skin
Eyes: Poetic Eyes – Ocean Driftwood Medium
Lashes: LeLutka Beaute – Photoshoot II Lashes 

Earrings: PRIMALOT – Huge Janet Hoops (freebie)
Bracelet (R): Caliente Express – Animal Kingdom Bracelet
Bracelet (L): Cake – Flea Market Bracelet 2
Shirt: Sweetest Goodbye – OK GO White + Charcoal Shirt with Tie
Skirt: Sweetest Goodbye – School Girl Grey Black Skirt
Socks: Pochette Nepknit Socks Charcoal S (freebie)
Shoes: Shiny Things – Old Laceup Boots Black
Bag: Kittylicous – Thats My Bag

Pose: Imperial Elegance – Handbag 01, 04, and 07
Music: The Long Division – The New Girl in School

[ s t y l e ] A Little Bit of Sunshine

A Little Bit of Sunshine

I am back.  I had to deal with some tragic event in RL.  I am still learning to cope with it, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you who have supported me.  You have made it easier for me, and I am slowly moving forward.  

On to today’s outfit, as I have been a bit depressed lately, I wanted to wear something bright and colorful to cheer me up.  I pulled out the Umbrella Dress from Tree & Ocean SL (TOSL).   This dress is not new.  It is actually one of Quinlan’s early creations.  I remember this was one of the outfits I chose for Miss SL Tropics 2007 competition during my early days of SL® and till this day it still remains as one of my favorite dresses in my inventory.  I love the shiny texture and the way the skirt moves.  I feel like I am beaming doses of sunlight and positive energy in this dress. 

I went colorful with my choices in accessories and shoes, perhaps a little too much, but wanted to keep the look fun and happy.  The candy red shoes from HOC (only L$30 and scripted to change colors) are a true bargain.  I added cherry earrings (freebie) from PRIMALOT and Fruitylicious Charm Bangle from TOSL for some zesty touch.  The mini bag is also from TOSL.  It’s so cute. 

Make up and hair, I could have gone cute with pig tails and no make up, but I stuck with my usual short brown hair and red lips.  Note, this skin is on sale over at Laroqki.  All Portrait skins are currently 50% off, i.e. L$645 per make-up or L$990 for fatpack of all makeups (ranging between 4 make ups to as much as 21 make ups depending on skin).  You can find the sale items on the second floor of the mainstore.

– BODY –
Hair: ETD – Lydia Espresso
Skin: Laqroki – Tasha 02 Portrait Skin Olive
Eyes: Poetic Eyes – Ocean Driftwood Medium (limited edition)
Lashes: LeLutka Beaute – Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: Shop Seu – Red Nail

Dress: TOSL – Umbrella Dress Liquid Sunshine
Earrings: PRIMALOT – Freebie Cherrish Cherry Earrings
Bracelet: TOSL – Fruitylicious Charm Bracelet Tangy
Bag: TOSL – Tulips Sculpted Mini Bag
Shoes: HOC – Strappy Stilettos (scripted to change color)

Pose: Reel Expression – Luth Innocence 8, Luth Classy 4 and 5
Song: Acid House Kings – Sunday Morning