Casually Cool

This is definitely a look I would wear in RL.  Although I love all the glam and glitz of fashion, RL me is very much casual.  The weather in Seoul has been quite volatile intraday, cooler mornings & evenings but warmer during the day.  Layering is the best way to cope with the extreme changes of temperature and this look is simply a replica of what I have been wearing lately.  The knit cardigan is actually menswear.  I had to edit the prims smaller and make my chest a bit flatter to fit me better.  The tiger sweater is my latest obsession.  I have a soft spot for animal prints!!!  The jeans are not new, but I love the fit.  By the way, the hair I am wearing today is from ChiChickie!  It’s actually part of a full avatar package in collaboration with KRB Skins, but I am being told it will be available in all of ChiChickie’s usual color packs very soon.  I can’t wait~

Hair: ChiChickie! – Sarah Walnut (part of Sarah – Total Avatar by KRB Skins & ChiChickie!)
Skin: Curio – Shell Frex Dark Jasmine Pure 3
Eyes: Nana – Natural Brown Eyes
Lashes: ChiChickie! – Natural Lashes (part of Sarah – Total Avatar by KRB Skins & ChiChickie!)
Manicure: Fleur – French Beige Nails
Cardigan: Pivaaca – Homme Long Bolero Cardigan Black
Sweater & Tee: Milk Motion – My Tiger Cashmere
Jeans: Maitreya – BF Jeans #8 with Belt
Earrings: Bliss Couture – Chain Earrings (group gift)
Bag: Izumiya – Kinchaku Bag Leather Shoulder Back
Shoes: FIR & MNA – The Ashford Brogue Womens Brown Patent
Poses: LAP – Just Standin and Casually Cool
Location: Crack Den

Just a Casual Look

This is just a casual look I have been wearing around the grid lately.  Layering is something I quite love doing in RL so I gave it a try in SL.  I kept it quite simple though.  The undershirt is actually a cardigan I had in my inventory.  I thought the green check pattern contrasts nicely with my new T-shirt from Koketka.  I added some red accessories.  The watch and shoes are both from HOC Industries.  I love this little store.  It carries quite nice items at extremely affordable prices, great place to pick up some staples for your wardrobe.  The lowtops are actually scripted to change colors.  I love it!  The bag is also quite cheap, and scripted to change colors as well.  This one is from Izumiya.  The hair is new. I bought them at The Tropicalia Bazaar, another discount shop with items from various designers.  I guess that is the trend these days…  Anyways, at this rate I am going to be broke soon, but at least most of the items did not cost me an arm and a leg!

Hair: Yulicie – Rock Brown at The Tropicalia Bazaar
Skin: Curio – Shell Frex Dark Jasmine Tangerine 1
Eyes: MADesigns – Naturals Brown Studio Eyes Small
Eyelashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Eyelashes Pure
Freckles: MY UGLYDOROTHY – Freckles03 Darker
T-Shirt: Koketka – In Love T-Shirt  (Review Copy)
Undershirt: Kis Kis – Unisex Long Cardigan Mint
Shorts: Royal Blue – Vintage Denim Shorts in Spot (store gift)
Necklace: U&R – Forlane Necklace
Watch: HOC – Ladies Watch 01 Red
Bag: Izumiya – Kinchaku Bag Leather Shoulder Front (color scripted)
Shoes: HOC – Hocs Lowtops Classic Colors (color scripted)
Poses: Reel Expression – Luth Attitude 20 and 21
Location: The Nest
Sky Setting: Places District8

[ s t y l e ] Hyori Style

Hyori Style

There are some items in my SL inventory I would not wear or buy in RL, mainly because of practicality or because it simply does not suit me.  Such is the case with some of the items I am wearing today, like the cargo pants, the athletic heels, and the baseball cap.  When it comes to casual clothes, I am more of a jeans girl not cargo pants, and although I am all for heels, the idea of athletic heels is just not my cup of tea.  However, in SL, I am often tempted to step out of my comfort zone and try out different styles just for fun.

Today I imitated Hyori‘s style.  Lee Hyori is one of the most popular female singer in K-Pop.  Baggy pants, aviator sunglasses, and baseball caps are key pieces for her signature look.  Here I decided to recreate her style by choosing the Low Rise Heavy Cargo pants from Bare Rose.  Like most Bare Rose items, Low Rise Heavy Cargo set contains various color options.  The set comes with five different color pants and two different color cropped tanks.  I picked out the black cargo pants today.  These pants are really baggy.  Baggy pants can be very unflattering, but if worn right it can be quite stylish.    Hyori does it best by wearing these with a simple tank top.  I am wearing Lindsay from JE*Republic.  I did accessorize the look with some colorful bangles.  I tossed away my usual clutches and handbags for a casual backpack from Izumiya.  The shoes are from Redgrave, Athlete Heels, definitely something you would see Hyori wear.   For makeup, I went for smokey eyes, Megan B Natural from Rockberry, a lucky chair prize.  Hair is from Sixty-Nine.  I let it loose wearing a baseball cap just like Hyori would.  I should have added some aviator sunglasses but I wanted to show off my smokey eyes so I left those in the bag.

– BODY –
Hair: 69 – IN2U Blackish Brown
Skin: Rockberry – Megan B Natural (lucky chair prize)
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – MMS Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: Orchid Dreams – Purple Swirl Nails

Bag: Izumiya – Back Pack Bag Kawa
Bangle R: Mezzo – M-Double Bangle Rameacryl Violet
Bangle L: Junk – Chibi Bangle Purple
Top: JE*Republic – Lindsay Grape w/ Lindsay Necklace 6
Pants: Bare Rose – Low Rise Heavy Cargo Black
Shoes: Redgrave – Athlete Heels Orange/Brown

Pose: LAP – SS Beach Babe, SS Come On In, and When I’m Alone

[ s t y l e ] Something Different

Something Different

I was chatting with my friend Fann Hyun, about the fashion industry in SL®, about how we as models have to embrace different styles and make them our own.  We both agreed the same is true with bloggers.  I really admire bloggers like Ana Lutetia and Milla Michinaga (though she is not blogging anymore).  They are both true chameleons of style, but somehow their identities are not lost in the process.  I decided I should step out of my comfort zone and experiment from time to time.  Well, today is one of those experimental days. 

The dollarbie hairstyle from Philotic Energy in celebration of Australia Day gave me a perfect excuse to try something different.  Punk rock is definitely not my turf, but I love this hairstyle so I decided to give it a try.  I digged in my inventory and found this red leather jacket from Aoharu I picked up during a sale a while back.  It’s a men’s jacket, but the prims were easily modifiable to fit my body.  Then I looked for a grungy t-shirt.  Livewire from Sweetest Goodbye seemed most appropriate.  The jeans were the easiest part of the outfit.  For shoes, I went with Ving Boots, a new release from Shiny Things.  I added other casual elements like biker gloves from LeeZu!, a silver pendant necklace from Izumiya, and a ring with spikes from Chaos Lotus.  For earrings, I decided to wear two different earrings.  The bag I chose to carry is the GYM Bag from LeLutka. 

Perhaps it’s too cliché, but I quite like the outcome.  The way I would have normally accessorized these clothes would have been with red stiletto heels and a clutch which would have glammed up the look a bit.  However, today was about a different me so voila!

– BODY –
Hair: Philotic Energy – Autumn LE Australia Day Special
Skin: Domestic V – 04 Rotten Metal Skin Natural
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – MMS Photoshoot II Lashes

L Earring: Talisman – Greta Earrings Grey
R Earring: Chaos Lotus – Triple Tiny Hoops
Necklace: IZUMIYA – Bad Cat Pendant
Jacket: AOHARU – BT Riders Jacket Red
T-Shirt: Sweetest Goodbye – Livewire Female, Camie Cooper – Black Tank Top Bottom Only (underwear layer tinted dark grey)
Gloves: LeeZu! – Nif Nif Gloves Black
Ring: Chaos Lotus – Fuck Off Hematite Ring
Bag: LeLutka – GYM Bag Gray
Jeans: Iki – Skinny Jean Belted Medium
Shoes: Shiny Things – Ving Boots Black

Pose: LAP – Seduction, LAP – Bringin It, and LAP – Jus Standin