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[ S T Y L E ] Lost in City

Lost in City

lostincity (1)
lostincity (2)

Kisaragi Town is a very realistic small town modeled after a spa town in Japan.  I came across this place while browsing different destinations in Second Life.  The nostalgic environment makes a great background for pictures.  Dressed in this gorgeous outfit inspired by the majestic peacock, I submerged into my surroundings and got lost in this little town.  The outfit is an exclusive by The Annex for Pocket Gacha.

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Eyes: ::Dulce Secrets:: Tempest Catwa Eyes Applier HUD *** *NEW* 
Head Applier: [Pink Fuel] <Peach> – Adeline – CATWA Applier (MONOLID) for Catwa Powder Pack July 2017
Body Applier: [Pink Fuel] Adeline Body Appliers HUD for Catwa Powder Pack July 2017

Hair: Magika – Written
Eyeshadow: !Musa! Eyeshadow Fei ***
Lipstick: LIVIA::Carlin Lipstick [Applier HUD] at 4Mesh (Jan 12 – Feb 11) *** *NEW*
Lashes: ARTE – Alta Lashes [Catwa] *** 

Headdress: The Annex – Shake Your Tail Feather Gacha – Peacock Headdress RARE for Pocket Gacha *** *NEW*
Corset: The Annex – Shake Your Tail Feather Gacha – Corset – Blue – MAITREYA for Pocket Gacha *** *NEW*
Bodice: The Annex – Shake Your Tail Feather Gacha – Peacock Bodice – MAITREYA for Pocket Gacha *** *NEW*
Bustle: The Annex – Shake Your Tail Feather Gacha – Peacock Bustle RARE for Pocket Gacha *** *NEW*
Skirt: The Annex – Shake Your Tail Feather Gacha – Skirt – Blue – MAITREYA for Pocket Gacha *** *NEW*
Train: The Annex – Shake Your Tail Feather Gacha – Train – Blue – MAITREYA for Pocket Gacha *** *NEW*
Earrings: +plus* Peacock Earring in gold tint*
Bracelet: [glow] Studio Lowicz Peacock Wood Bracelet
Ring: CHANTKARE Peacock lapis ring
Shoes:  SaCaYa – Fioana Pumps (Basic) *** *NEW*

Poses: Reel Expression – Runway and Runway V2 
Music: GVLVXY – ASHIA | Kitsuné Hot Stream

(*** promotional review copy)

[ S T Y L E ] Alice in Wonderland


I returned to Enchanted Alice wearing my new Alice costume from Posh Pixel, currently available at Alice in Wonderland the Hunt until July 28th.  This is not an exclusive item, but it is still very special.  The outfit has a very lolita feel, sweet and sexy at the same time.  The shoes are included.  They are not fitted for mesh bodies, so make sure you try demos and see if they fit ok.  I had to edit my legs a bit to fit them to by mesh body.  For hair, I went back to Magika.  As I mentioned previously, Magika is currently on sale, 50% discount to all hair.  I picked up a few styles and can’t wait to show them to you.

Hair: Magika – Shine (currently 50% off) *SALE*
Mesh Head: CATWA – Annie
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Pink Fuel – Bambi Crystal Catwa Applier at The Kawaii Project (July 15 – Aug 10) *NEW*
Eyes: IKON – Triumph Eyes Loam
Lashes: CATWA – Annie
Eyeshadow:  Pink Fuel – Bambi Crystal Catwa Applier at The Kawaii Project (July 15 – Aug 10) *NEW*
Lipstick: Style by Kira – Kissable Lipgloss 3 Catwa
Nails: Maitreya – Lara
Outfit: {POSH PIXELS} – Alice (includes shoes) currently on sale at Alice in Wonderland the Hunt (July 15 – 28) *NEW*
Earrings: [glow] Studio – DeLyn Cards Earrings
Poses: BAXE – Urban Female
Location: Enchanted Alice
Music: Flume – Tiny Cities. Feat Beck. Headphone Activist Remix.

Sweet China Doll

I am really loving this new face from Apple May Designs, such a sweet face and lovely lips.  Anyways, today I am wearing a lighter skin tone, which is what I usually wear.  I can’t wait to see more make up options.  The eyes are a gift from my friend and great blogger, Nana Minuet.  I have been wearing them for sometime, but I had a few people asking where to buy them so I added a SLURL below to her store.  These eyes are one of my favorites.  The dress I am wearing is new from Aleida.  It’s called China Doll, hence the title of my post today.  Ok, it’s not the most original but my brain is still on vacation mode.

Hair: Purplemoon – Dax in Dark Chocolate
Skin: Apple May Designs – Kat Pale Nitro 3
Eyes: Nana – Natural Brown Eyes
Lashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Eyelashes Pure
Dress: Aleida – Chinadoll Bleu
Jewelry: PRIMALOT – Freebie Pearl Jewelry Set
Bag: Cherry – Ivanna Evening Clutch Silver/Silver
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure
Poses: Rozena – Basic Stand Pose 2, Striking Poses – Princess 7
Location: Sixty-Nine

70’s Glam

Today I am wearing a new skin for a change.  Lately, I have been wearing Curio’s Asian skin, Jasmine, but when I received this review copy of Apple May Designs’ new face, Kat, I decided to give it a try.  To my surprise, the skin fit my shape very nicely.  Though I don’t look Asian, I love the facial features of this skin.  The glossy mouth and the deep set eyes are very appealing to me.  The hair is new as well from ChiChickie!.  The combination looks very 70’s, so today I tried to recreate a look inspired by the 70’s glam.  The dress is an all time favorite from LeeZu!.  The jewelry is new, from Amarelo Manga, a new store to me with some great jewelry and clothes.

Hair: ChiChickie! – Irene Chestnut
Skin: Apple May Designs – Kat Carmel Nitro 3
Eyes: Rozena – Brown Eyes Choco Brown
Lashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Lashes Pure
Manicure: Purplemoon – Glitter Nails Red (ring included)
Dress: LeeZu! – Betty Flexi Dress Old Gold
Jewelry: Amarelo Manga – Luanda Set
Bag: House of Heart – Leather Clutch in Violet
Shoes: Kalnins – Orchid
Poses: LAP – Barbie 14 and Pretty Carrie
Location: Eternidad, Distressed Textures


I am loving this new group gift from Purplemoon.  The deep purple color reminds me of amethyst, a type of quartz often used in jewelry.  Amethyst is mined in Korea, which is the country I am from, thus today’s styling was inspired by my Asian roots.  The coif is one of my favorites from JE*Republic, inspired by the intricate traditional Korean hairstyles.  The eye make up I am wearing today is from Grixdale, currently available for free for Super Bargain Saturday.  Be sure to pick it up along with other free eye makeups.  Make up layers add a lot of options to your favorite skin, in my case Curio’s Jasmine.

Hair: JE*Republic – Narae Smoky
Skin: Curio – Shell Frex Light Jasmine Mysterious 1
Eyes: MADesigns – Naturals Brown Studio Eyes Small
Eyelashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Eyelashes Pure
Make Up: Grixdale – The Body Shoppe Fiji Breeze
Dress: Purplemoon – Alma in Purple (Group Gift)
Earrings: MiamMiam – Amethyst Jewel Chandelier Earrings
Bracelet: MiamMiam – Amethyst Jewel Bangle
Ring: Cailyn’s – Towers Ring Amethyst
Bag: Coco – Satin Clutch Rose Gray
Shoes: Periquita – Vera Metallic Pink
Pose: Rozena – Walking Pretty Figure It Out 1, Walking Pretty Steps
Location: Mexico Districto Federal
Sky Settings: AnaLutetia – AvatarOpt2


Under the Sea

When I heard Evie’s Closet had a special version of Lumina for sale at L$99, I rushed to get it.  It’s so delicate and fragile.  The detailing is amazing.  I had been eyeing this outfit since its release earlier this year at the RFL Fantasy Faire 2011.  I love everything about it, the delicate pearls, the scales, the fish tail…  If you are keen to keep your legs, check out Lumina Nymph version which comes with a floaty delicate skirt instead.

Hair: Truth – Mylie Upper Caramel
Skin: Curio – Shell Frex Light Jasmine Mysterious 1
Eyes: MADesigns – Naturals Brown Studio Eyes Small
Eyelashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Lashes Pure
Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Lumina Mermaid Aerie Edition
Poses: VAGO – DW Mermaid AO
Location: Cave Rua Water Gardens


Just a Casual Look

This is just a casual look I have been wearing around the grid lately.  Layering is something I quite love doing in RL so I gave it a try in SL.  I kept it quite simple though.  The undershirt is actually a cardigan I had in my inventory.  I thought the green check pattern contrasts nicely with my new T-shirt from Koketka.  I added some red accessories.  The watch and shoes are both from HOC Industries.  I love this little store.  It carries quite nice items at extremely affordable prices, great place to pick up some staples for your wardrobe.  The lowtops are actually scripted to change colors.  I love it!  The bag is also quite cheap, and scripted to change colors as well.  This one is from Izumiya.  The hair is new. I bought them at The Tropicalia Bazaar, another discount shop with items from various designers.  I guess that is the trend these days…  Anyways, at this rate I am going to be broke soon, but at least most of the items did not cost me an arm and a leg!

Hair: Yulicie – Rock Brown at The Tropicalia Bazaar
Skin: Curio – Shell Frex Dark Jasmine Tangerine 1
Eyes: MADesigns – Naturals Brown Studio Eyes Small
Eyelashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Eyelashes Pure
Freckles: MY UGLYDOROTHY – Freckles03 Darker
T-Shirt: Koketka – In Love T-Shirt  (Review Copy)
Undershirt: Kis Kis – Unisex Long Cardigan Mint
Shorts: Royal Blue – Vintage Denim Shorts in Spot (store gift)
Necklace: U&R – Forlane Necklace
Watch: HOC – Ladies Watch 01 Red
Bag: Izumiya – Kinchaku Bag Leather Shoulder Front (color scripted)
Shoes: HOC – Hocs Lowtops Classic Colors (color scripted)
Poses: Reel Expression – Luth Attitude 20 and 21
Location: The Nest
Sky Setting: Places District8