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[ S T Y L E ] New Year’s Eve on a Budget

Lookbook - New Year's Eve on a Budget

Lookbook - New Year's Eve on a Budget
Lookbook - New Year's Eve on a Budget
Lookbook - New Year's Eve on a Budget
Lookbook - New Year's Eve on a Budget
Lookbook - New Year's Eve on a Budget

New Year’s Eve is approaching and I wanted to share some affordable looks to end the year with a blast and all the glam.  Thankfully, a lot of designers are generous and give out lots of gifts to its group members at this time of the year.  Here are some of my picks… from lingerie inspired to sparkle overload.

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Sofia v3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Eyes: ARTE – Toda Eyes [Catwa] ***
Head Applier: ItGirls – Catwa Skin Applier – Kory Summer
Body Applier: ItGirls – Fade Body Applier – Maitreya 

Look #1 Hair: Magika – Honest (previous group gift) *FREE*
Look #2 Hair: +Lamb. Baby Blue
Look #3 Hair: !!Firelight!! Hair – Mitchel Red at Free Dove *FREE*
Make-Up: CATWA HEAD Sofia v3.0
Nail Polish: LIVIA::Deep Gel Nails (previous gift) *FREE*

Look #1 Gown: .:JUMO:. Starlet for Christmas 2017 Advent Day 25 *NEW*  *FREE*
Look #2 Gown: M&M- Sneak Gown at Free Dove *FREE* 
Look #2 Necklace: Moondance Boutique Enchantment Necklace (2017 Christmas Advent Gift for group members) *NEW* *FREE* ***
Look #2 Ring: Moondance Boutique Opallios Ring (2017 Christmas Advent Gift for group members) *NEW* *FREE* ***
Look #3 Gown: ::TiffanyDesigns:: Naysa Gown with Appliers *Cream (group gift; jewelry included) *FREE*
Shoes: N-core KATE Fur “Glitter” (group gift) *NEW* *FREE* 

Poses: Miamai Model Pose, double take – prejudice
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Lux Slay PEACH at Backdrop City
Music: Magic

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[ S T Y L E ] Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!  Hope everyone is spending some quality time with their loved ones~  I am certainly enjoying the time off from RL.   I am currently working on some changes for my blog for next year.  I still haven’t decided what those will be but I want to revamp the style and format.  If you have suggestions on what you would like to see please feel free to drop me a note.  On to my outfit today, this beautiful beaded gown is from Tiffany Designs.  The jewelry is included.  The make up is from Arte.  The eyeshadows are new, part of Powder Pack Catwa this month.  The lipgloss is an old release but still one of my favorites.


*** Hair: !!Firelight!! Hair Andromeda Gen2 at NaughtyList *NEW*
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Sofia v3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
 Eyes: ARTE – Toda Eyes [Catwa] 
Head Applier:  L’Etre – Momo Skin [Buttermilk Tone] Catwa *NEW*
Body Applier:  L’Etre – Maitreya Body Appliers [Buttermilk Tone]
*** Eyeshadow: ARTE – Shimmer Eyeshadow [Catwa] for Powder Pack Catwa December 2017 *NEW*
Lipstick: ARTE – Natural Lipgloss [Catwa] 
Nail Polish: LIVIA::Brushed Pearl Nails [Applier HUD] at The Avenue (gift) *NEW* *FREE*
 Dress: ::TiffanyDesigns:: ICE QUEEN (jewelry included) *NEW* 
Poses: double take: Indifferent – all the things
Location: Winter Moon
Music: Fabercut – Here’s The Day Ft. Emuzen (Original Mix)

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[ S T Y L E ] Urban Pink

Urban Pink

I took a break from all the roleplay and formal styling with this athletic urban street wear from dafnis.  It’s a new release for the 68main event.  The HUD allows you to customize your look with various color options for different parts of the outfit.  I went ti pink tones.  Pink is not my usual color choice but I have been wearing too much blue lately.  🙂  I still couldn’t let go of blue completely so blue baseball cap it is!






Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
*** Eyes: ARTE – Toda Eyes [LeLutka]
Head Applier: The Skinnery – Natsumi Honey
Body Applier: The Skinnery – Maitreya Body Applier (honey)
*** Eyelashes:  LEPUNK {LeLutka} Tira Eyelashes HUD
*** Eyeshadow: ARTE – Fairy Eyeshadow [LeLutka] at Cosmopolitan starting Oct 8 *NEW*
*** Lipstick: ARTE – Glossy Lipstick [LeLutka]
Manicure: Moondance Boutique Pearlescent Nails Fat Pack Nail Applier *NEW*
 Outfit: *dafnis fatpack jenny sport at 68main event starting Oct 9 *NEW*
*** Shoes:  LEGENDAIRE WORKOUT Sneakers (part of set) *NEW*
Pose: double take: indifferent – all the things
Music: Who Dat Bish

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[ S T Y L E ] Celtic Bonnie

Celtic Bonnie

Genre’s theme this month is “The Celts”.  I am wearing the exclusive for the event by The Annex, a combination of blouse, vest and tartan long skirt.  I wish I could wear these items separately.  Unfortunately, it’s one piece.  I have styled by look with old items in my inventory.  The hair however is fairly new from elikatira, a Fifty Linden Friday item a few weeks back.  Not sure if would be able to pull this off in RL, but I do love the skirt and would like one for my RL self.




Hair: [elikatira] Mabel
Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
*** Eyes: ARTE – Toda Eyes [LeLutka] at The Chapter Four from Sept 4 *NEW*
Head Applier: The Skinnery – Natsumi Honey
Body Applier: The Skinnery – Maitreya Body Applier (honey)
*** Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 “Lana” eyeliner
*** Lipstick: alaskametro<3 “Evelyn” lipstick
Dress: The Annex – Bonnie Dress – Gray Tartan at Genre *NEW*
Jewelry: Donna Flora LORENA set
*** Shoes: alaskametro<3 “Sutra II” heels – Crimson/Merlot
Pose: double take: prejudice – all the things
Location: Sol Farm
Music: Midsplit – Either Way ft. Casey Cook

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[ S T Y L E ] Streetwear


I am so hooked on “Show Me the Money 6”, a Korean rap competition TV show on Mnet.  It’s one of the few Korean TV shows I watch, and I love it…  There are so many talented individuals.  The show has gained quite a bit of popularity even overseas with increasing number of contestants from abroad, mainly from the US.   Two of my favorites are Junoflo and Killagramz.  Anyways, today’s look was inspired by the show.  The show obviously does not focus much on fashion, but it is sponsored by adidas thus we do see quite a bit of streetwear/sportwear.  Here is my take.





Hair: Besom~ September day
Mesh Head: CATWA Kimberly
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
*** Eyes: LEPUNK Yue Eyes Brown Catwa HUD
Head Applier: -Belleza- Celia Catwa Applier Pale for Fifty Linden Friday
Body Applier: -Belleza- Omega Applier – Pale
*** Eyeshadow: LIVIA::Parke Liner [Catwa HUD] for THE MAKEOVER ROOMTHE MAKEOVER ROOM Sept Round (preview) *NEW*
Lipstick: LIVIA::Gradient Gloss [Catwa HUD] 
*** Nail Applier: alaskametro<3 “Tropics/Solids” nails – Maitreya manicure HUD at Cosmetic Fair *NEW*
*** Lingerie: *dafnis lingerie sport wear at Spotlight starting Sept 1  *NEW*
Jacket: `M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Jacket on shoulder4 *GACHA*
Pants: -CroM- Ciara – Black
Ring: Amala – The Abigail Ring – Maitreya
Shoes: Entice – Stronger Sneakers – Lights
Pose: double take: prejudice set and iron set
Location: Big Apple NEW YORK
Music: Junoflo (주노플로) – Eyes On Me (Feat. G.Soul, Dok2)

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[ R O L E P L A Y ] Haenyeo

Haenyeo (해녀)

Haenyeo (해녀) or sea women are female divers in Jeju Island in Korea.  Jeju Island is the largest island off the coast of the Korean peninsula known for its mild climate even in winter, a popular tourist destination for Koreans.  Haenyeos are known to drive without air tanks.  Their diving gear consist of a wetsuit, goggles, flippers, gloves, chest weights, L-shaped weeding hoe, and a net tied to a flotation device.   They harvest abalone, octopus, sea urchins, oysters, etc.   It is a profession which is declining with modernization but still highly respected.  My look today is not a perfect recreation of haenyeo but when I saw this wetsuit from Bare@Rose I knew I wanted to dedicate my post to them.








Hair: Amacci Hair – Camela (with bangs options included)
Mesh Head: CATWA Kimberly
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Belleza – Celia Catwa Applier Pale for Fifty Linden Friday
*** Eyes: LEPUNK Yue Eyes Brown Catwa HUD
*** Outfit: ::: Bare@Rose ::: Wetsuit Lady Mr Blue (pink version included; bikini, goggles, flippers are all included) *NEW*
Ring: Amala – The Abigail Ring for Fifty Linden Friday 
Pose: double take: iron – all the things, LAP – Aerial Assault Pose Set/Aerial Assault II Pose Set
Location: Pacifique
Music: A Collective Effort – 해녀 (Haenyo)

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[ S T Y L E ] Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor!  Get all decked out in this summer’s nautical inspirations.


Copy of 1024px x 1536px – Untitled Design


Untitled design

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kendall Mesh Hair for Fifty Linden Friday *NEW*
Mesh Head: CATWA Kimberly
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Izzie’s – Aiko Fair
*** Eyes: ARTE – Gal Eyes Set 1 [Catwa] @ Applique from July 15 *NEW*
Eyelashes: ARTE – Sweet Lashes [Catwa]
*** Eyeshadow: ARTE – Sassy Liner [Catwa, Bento]
*** Lipstick: ARTE – Soft Matte Darks [Catwa, Bento]
*** Dress: The Annex  – Ida Dress – Navy at Cosmopolitan *NEW*
Hat: *ICING* Sailor hat
Earrings: -Ikonik- Sailor Pearl Earring *NEW*
Ring: Kibitz – Anchor ring – silver
Bag: *BOOM* Pili Canvas Bow Clutch (cherry)
Pose: double take: down and out 2 and 3
Location: The Leviathan Skeleton
Music: Smooth Sailing (ft. Eventide)

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