Digit Darkes

[ s t y l e ] Where Are You?

Where are you Digit?  One of my favorite designers in Second Life was Digit Darkes.  Just the other day, I went looking for her store to see if there was anything new I may have missed since I had been away from SL for a couple of months.  I could not find her store.  I thought perhaps Digit was renovating her store,  but her profile was missing.  Even her website is gone and she has removed all her products from Xstreet.  I don’t know what happened.  I guess no one knows what happened but I will truly miss her creations.  Today, I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses from Digit Darkes as a thank you for sharing her imagination and vision during her time in SL.  Thank you Digit and I hope someday you will return!  For those wanting to see some of Digit’s creations, check out pictures submitted by the members of Digit Darkes Devotees Group.

P.S.  After I wrote this post, I saw a wonderful post by Cajsa Lilliehook at It’s Only Fashion with a video of some of Digit’s beautiful creations.  Check it out here.

Hair: Bliss Couture – Crazy Hair (previous gift)
Skin: Tuli – The Dressing Room Limited Edition – Gina 02
Eyes: Tuli – Brown Eyes
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Showgirl
Jewelry: Ganked – Nightdance Set (bracelet, necklace and earrings)
Dress: Digit Darkes – Reflection Dress Abyss
Shoes: Kalnins – Wonder  *** NEW REVIEW COPY *** 
Pose: Dare –  Editorial Fashion Set Ssshape
Advanced Sky: Coastal Afternoon
Location: World’s End Garden at Heaven Lake
Music: Moonbeam – Seaming Reflection (Album Mix)

[ s t y l e ] I Love Singapore!

I am not Miss Singapore.  I am not even Singaporean, but Singapore is one of my favorite countries in Asia.  Just this month, I visited Singapore twice already and no, it’s not close from home.  It’s about a seven hour plane ride away.  Beautiful Christmas lights, great food, and friendly people, Singapore is a melting pot of a lot of different cultures which is very appealing to me.

When I saw the new releases from Nicky Ree and Alienbear honoring Singapore, I knew I had to get my hands on them.  Both designers were inspired by the national flower of Singapore, Vanda Miss Joaquim, a tropical flower.   Well known for their intricate and beautiful textures and prim work, Nicky Ree and Alienbear have outdone themselves this time.  I just feel  so feminine and exotic! 

Note the dress can be worn in many different ways.  Above, I tried to show you some options.

– BODY –
Hair: Nova Black by Kin
Skin: Ling Tropic by Glance Skins
Eyes: Ocean Driftwood by Poetic Colors
Lashes: Showgirl by Redgrave

Earrings: Natasja Gold Earrings White by Alienbear Designs
Necklace: Natasja Gold Necklace White by Alienbear Designs
Outfit: Joaquim Saree  Collection in Green by Designing Nicky Ree
Shoes: Delhi Heel by Digit Darkes

Poses: Luth Party Dress 4, 9, and 11 by Reel Expression
Music: Yokijobo – Orchid Queen

[ s t y l e ] Satin Elegance

With year end festivities, I find myself drawn to cocktail dresses and evening gowns.  Today’s little dress is a new release from Lark.  This deep jewel tone satin dress is just perfect for a cocktail party.  The cute ribbon detail is playful.  Throw on a fur stole, satin gloves and delicate jewelry to add a touch a glam to the whole look. For make up I went with the X-mas skin from YourSkin & YourShape, dramatic eyes and red lips.

– BODY –
Hair: Bridgette Black by Truth Hawks of Truth
Skin: Chiara X-mas Hot Dark Eyebrows Freckles Hairbase by Monicuzza Babenco of YourSkin & YourShape
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Tiger’s Eye by MIA Jinn of MJ+Dada
Lashes: Innocent Eyelashes Soft by Jocelyn Anatine of Glow Studio

Shawl: Touch Fur Shawl by Ashoka Eales of Phoenix Rising
Dress: Satin Party Dress by Sienia Trevellion of Lark
Gloves: Lady Ascot Gloves by Simone Stern of Simone!
Jewelry: IRENE Silver Set by Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora
Shoes: Dolce Heel by Digit Darkes of Digit Darkes

Poses: Vogue 9, Sultry 2 and 9 by Katey Coppola of Glitterati
Music: Lisa Shaw – Let It Ride (Jimpster Remix) Classic Vocal

[ s t y l e ] STYLE – Park Gija

[ s t y l e ] STYLE - Park Gija

Today’s look was inspired by a character in a Korean drama called STYLE, currently showing on SBS TV channel in Korea.  The character Park Gija is a fashion editor of a top fashion magazine.  She is extremely stylish.  Her look is characterized by extremely well fitted, sultry yet fashionable outfits, with lots of bold accessories and too die for shoes.  Though the TV drama lacks reality, it’s quite entertaining watching all the clothes, the jewelry, the bags, the shoes, etc. in the show.

To  create the look, I chose one shoulder dress from Stylissimo, fancy shoes from Digit Darkes, bold jewelry from Kraftika and +plus, and stylish bag from Baiastice.  For hair, I had to go with my favorite short hair, which was a freebie available at the Amorepacific sim.  Unfortunately, the sim has closed down and the freebies are no longer available.  It resembles Park Gija’s hairstyle so much.  For make up, I chose a dramatic make up from [42] Skins.

– BODY –
Hair: Amorepacific – Mise en Scene Black Pearl Hair M (no longer available)
Skin: [42] Skins – Flux 01 Neutral
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Ocean Driftwood
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Vogue Lashes
Manicure: Lotus – Free Nail Blue2

Earrings: Kraftika – Earring 119
Outfit: Stylissimo – Chance
Bangle: +plus – Wide Bangle in Dark Gold
Bag: Baiastice – B Long Pochette Crocc Cian
Shoes: Digit Darkes – City Chic Heel

Pose: TorridWear – High Fashion 2, Geometry 4, and Geometry 7
Music: Thomas Bangalter – Club Soda

Fann-tastic Look of The Day – City Chic

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - City Chic

Today, I’ve put together some of my favourite items in my inventory and mixed them to acheive the city chic look. I am playing around with white,silver and black color theme. Special note on this hair, it’s the new release from MADesigns. They are also selling hairs now. This hair although suppose to be men’s hair but I love it at first sight and glad that it still fits well and certainly can be used for both male and females. 

Credits as follows:

Jacket: Armidi – Classic Pinstripe Blazer [White]
Top: LeLutka – Turtle Neck black (worn without neck attachment)
Skirt: Digit Darkes – Kasbah Eve (Worn only Skirt attachment and belt)
Hair: MADesigns Hair – Brad
Earrings & Necklace: Chloe – Time Set Silver (Opening 31st Jan 2009)
Boots: Stiletto Moody Slouch Boot (Beige Leather)
Skin: CS – Vogue Enchant
Eye Lash: CS Lashes – Deviant

Author: Fann Hyun

[ s t y l e ] Rock Chic

Rock Chic

Today’s outfit started off with the shoes.  These shoes were a gift from Digit Darkes to all the models of Timeless Agency for Christmas.  Thanks Digit!  The picture does no justice to the shoes but you should definitely stop by Digit Darkes and check them out.  These are exclusive designs for Timeless but there are other great options available. I bought a few in different patterns. 

Anyways, these shoes had so many colors to play with, greens, pinks, and yellows.  I chose this neon green tube top from Random Fashions (Garbage) and decided to go for a Rock Chic look today.  Spiky bracelet and the cross necklace are essential accessories for this look.  I added a bit of colorful fur to make it a bit different.  As for jeans, I wanted an almost black/dark navy jeans.  After searching in my inventory, I found these from Royal Blue. 

My hairstyle today is from Tukinowaguma, one of my favorite hair store.  It’s definitely worth a visit, extremely affordable prices for some great hair, especially if you are looking for some funky hairstyles like mine.  The skin is a freebie I picked up from [42] a while back.  If you have been following my blog, you probably know I incorporate a lot of cheap or free items in my look.  I do splurge but I also love good deals. 

– BODY –
Hair: Tukinowaguma – Kaori Black
Skin: [42] – 118 Free Skin Neutral
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – MMS Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: LF CHAI – CHAI Polish Retinal Sizzle

Earrings: Plumeria Designs – Large Silver Hoop Earrings
Simple Necklace: Simply Spoiled – Short Necklace w/ Cross, Black Gems
Stole: Kuri*Style – 107 Fur Stole (part of outfit)
Shirt: Garbage (Random Fashions) – GumDrop Green
Bag: House of Heart – Leather Clutch in Violet
Bracelet: Second Mirage – Spike Bracelet
Jeans: Royal Blue – Dark Wash Jeans Generation One
Shoes: Digit Darkes – Messina Heels Exclusive for Timeless Models

Pose: TorridWear – High Fashion 1, Reel Expression – Luth Sassy 13, Tsubura Sexual Motion – TSM02