Fann-tastic Look of The Day – Sweet Lavender

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - Sweet Lavender

Some items in today’s post are mainly from shops that are new to me. I’ve come across Exodi from the amazing skins created by Ryker Beck but have not really check out her clothing line. Many of us are still in shock about the sudden demise of Michael Jackson. To commemorate the life of the legend, Ryker Beck, the creator behind Exodi are marking all Shiloh, Eden Gen2 skins, shoes, clothes, eyes, shapes and jewelry 50% off starting 25th June 2009 until 3rd July 2009. 100% of Proceeds Donated to the Make a Wish Foundation, a foundation that Michael Jackson openly supported. After checking out the store, “Harlow Daywear” which can be worn with or without the skirt prim attachment, caught my attention.

I pair it with “Flower Brooch Cardigan” from Bingo, another small little shop with cute items located in Cupcake Sim. “Paris Ribbon” from Taboo was told by someone in a group to check them out. The shoes there all comes in prim toes and feet with HUD for resizing, retexturing of nails and skin, as well as functions such as AO walk, sound etc. The price is amazingly cheap. This pair of shoe I’m wearing cost $199L a pair and fat pack only cost $299L. Have fun shopping!

Dress: Exodi – Harlow Daywear (Pinurple)
Cardigan: Bingo – Flower Brooch Cardigan Purple
Hair: TRUTH Hair – Willow 2
Hat: Taboo – Paris Summer Hat (roses) II
Skin: LeLutka – LondonRevolution Pale-makeup1
Eye Lash: Lelutka – Photoshoot II
Bangles: CG – Chunky bangle (purple)
Earrings: Ear Candy – Pink Flowered Earrings
Shoes: Taboo – Paris Ribbon
Manicure: Detour Nails – White Tips – Burgundy
Basket: Bossa Nova – picnic basket (Not on sale)
Pose: Last Stand Animations


Fann-tastic Look of The Day – Romanticize in Office

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - Romanticize in Office

I came across this “Moziac Jacket” from Fashion Nomads, created by the talented Aleida Rhode and fell in love immediately. This jacket comes in both short and long sleeves versions with a deep plunging V neckline. I love the textures of the jacket and versatile enough to play it up for a more formal or down to a more casual sexy look. I decided to soften the whole structured look and match it with the petals shape skirt “Colleen” from Nardcotix. The feed has been flooding with hairs from the Hair Fair 2009 and since many hairs were already featured, I chose to wear from Aden. Aden had released some new hairs recently and this is one of my favourite from her new releases. I love the curls behind the hair that looks so feminine. This pair of shoes, “Suede Laceup Sandals” from Aoharu, matches the overall look perfectly to give a trendy yet feminine touch to this outfit. I love this look and something that I will definitely wear for work in RL too.

Jacket: Fashion Nomads – Moziac Jacket – Silver
Shirt: Microphage – Pink Chevron Tank
Skirt: Nardcotix – Colleen Mellow Blush (Part of Outfit)
Belt & Scarf: Fashion Nomads – Moziac Jacket – Old Purple (Part of Outfit)
Earrings: Dernier Cri – Pink Flower Earings
Bracelet: Violet Voltaire – Melancholy Bracelet – Silver/Pink
Shoes: Aoharu -SuedeLaceupSandals_White
Hair: Aden – Kaylee
Skin: Lelutka – Moscow Light-makeup3
Eye Lash: Lelutka – Photoshoot II
Manicure: Celestial Studios – (DN) Manicure Ginny

Poses: Persona & Impose

Fann-tastic Look of The Day – Funky Friday

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - Funky Friday

This is not my initial intention for today’s post but somehow after mashing around my inventories and using one of my favourite jeans, “VSL Jeans” from Muism as my inspiration, this smart casual funky look came up. Both “VSL Jeans” and “Vintage Jeans_Rolled Up Cuff” are my absolute favourite pairs of jeans and I selected one of them for today’s look. They have great textures and the way the jeans fitted, flatters my avatar’s legs well. I am also in love with the “Breezie Kiss-Denium Jacket” from Phoenix Rising, especially the frills below the jacket and the criss-cross design behind it that bring in the feminine factor. To spice up for a funky look, I matched with the white shirt from Muism “Tailored Suit Set” to be worn below the denim. With minimal accessories in mind, I only added a neck tie from Phoenix Rising, criss cross earrings from Sey and “Claudette” hair which comes with a hat from Novocaine.

White Shirt: Muism – Tailored Suit Set (part of outfit)
Tie: Phoenix Rising – NeckTie Blue
Corset:Jacket: Phoenix Rising – Breezie Kiss-Denium Jacket
Jeans: Muism – VSL jeans/Washed (worn with belt option)
Earrings: Sey – G9 crosspierce
Shoes: Decoy – Francisco Wedge – Navy
Hair: Novocaine Hair – Claudette
Skin: Lelutka – London Pale-makeup 2
Eye Lash: Lelutka – Photoshoot II
Mani & Pedicure: Detour – Nails White Tips – Burgundy
Poses: Flowey Poses

Listening to: Coldplay – Viva La Vida

Fann-tastic Look of The Day – Summer Heat

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - Summer Heat

Weather is extremely hot lately which inspires me the look today. I have been shopping around looking for a sheer top to be worn with bikini but none caught my eyes till when they laid upon this “Tahiti Sweety” outfit from Boom. This sheer top comes also with a set of blue stripe bikini but I didnt match it with today’s look, instead, decided to wear this bikini top from Second Wave to give the overall a hawaiin exotic feel. This pair of leather pants, is part of “Angela” outfit from BareRose, pumps up the overall look to be more sophisticated and smart.

I am wearing this new skin that was launched recently by Baiastice, I love the soft subtle feel of the skin and body is also beautifully shaded. Check out her store for more makeup and skintone range. I couldn’t resist this pair of “Ethnic Bijou Sandals” from Aoharu and I am pleased that the prim feet is very easy to color to match it to my skintone. A piece of advise is that the shoe prim attached to both the foot and the lower leg, so that will means I can’t wear pants or jeans that comes with lower prim leg attachments. I bought several hairs from TekuTeku recently and they have some nice hairs worth to check out for. To complete the look, I opted for wooden accessories from Muse , Chloe and Eldee. Hope you like it!

Outer Sheer Top: Boom – Tahiti Sweety (Sunny Days) (worn without bikini)
Bikini: Second Wave – Bikini short set Hawaiin Tradewinds
Pants: Barerose – Angela Outfit (worn only pants)
Hair: TekuTeku – EkoEko smart
Bag: LeLutka – Sack bag/golden rod
Necklace: Muse – Kailena Necklace (Tan/Amber)
Bangles (L) – Eldee – Line bangles (orange)
Bangles (R) – LeLutka – Wooden Cuff by Mia
Earrings: Chloe – Circles of Wood
Sandals: Aoharu – Ethnic Bijou Sandals_Onyx
Skin: Baiastice – Donnarama-Gloss Sunkiss BR
Manicure: Reale – Manicure coffee
Lashes: Celestial Studio – Deviant Lashes

Poses: Impose, Persona & Lelutka

Fann-tastic Look of The Day – Colorful Summer

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - Colorful Summer

I wanted to dress something more colorful today and after searching through my inventory, I finally put together today’s look. I always love clothings made of sheer chiffon, this blouse from Pink Outfitters immediately caught my attention as I simply love clothings with either frills or ribbons. I decided to match with Calypso Jungle skirt from Mimikri and in order not to look so plain, I add on a belt from MichaMi‘s Lulu outfit which comes in various layers. Hair is one of the new release from Aden. This pair of flats from Phoenix Rising is the latest new product and comes in 3 styles with various colors options. I am very pleased with this look as this is something I definitely love and will wear in RL except that I don’t really like to wear flats in RL.

Top: Pink Outfitters Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse – light green
Skirt: Mimikri – Calypso jungle (Part of outfit)
Belt: MichaMi – Lulu Belt in Green (Part of Lulu outfit)
Hair: Aden – Autumn II
Ring: Paper Couture – Spring Multi-Stone Ring
Earrings & Bracelet (R) : Second Mirage – Adrienne Topaz/Peridot
Bangles (L): LeLutka – Resin Bracelets & Bangles by Mia
Bag: LeLutka – Glen Top Hendle Bag-Papayawhip
Flats: Phoenix Rising – Bow Flats in Orange Bow
Skin: LeLutka – Moscow Light-makeup7
Lashes: Cake – Bedroom
Manicure: Celestial Studios – (DN) Pastel Rainbow
Poses: AnaLu & Reel Expressions

Fann-tastic Look of The Day – Summer Casual

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - Summer Casual

The weather is so hot now over here and I just wish to choose some light weight clothings to wear. Maitreya released some goodies for summer which was perfect for the weather. I chose the “Faded Jeans Shorts” and “RB Tank Top” to complete today’s look. I love this hoodie from Sey which I had bought long ago. Its also comes with a resizable and 9 textures change script for the hoodie. This hair is one of the new release from Zero Style which I love the flexi flow so much. I seldom wear sneakers in both world but I chose the sneakers from Pornstar to match the overall casual look today. To add in more fun, I accessorised with the cute sunglass “Circular Flower Glasses” from Paper Couture and bag from LeLutka which comes with AO. I always love it when I found new stores and accidentally came across this jewelry shop called R.A.Crystal Jewelry Shop. They have some nice accessories there which are very affordable with demo options, definitely worth to check it out.

Singlet: Maitreya – RB-Tank White
Shorts: Maitreya Jeans Shorts – Faded
Hoodie: Sey – Maki2 hoodie_v3 [check]
Bag: LeLutka – 100% Plastic bag/navajiwhite
Shoes: PornStar – Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor
Sunglass: Paper Couture – Circular Flower Glasses
Accessories: R.A.Crystal Jewelry Shop – Rama’s Noel set turquoise
Hair: Zero Style – Camille
Skin: LeLutka – LondonRevolutionLight-makeup 7
Lashes: Celestial Studio – Deviant Lashes
Manicure: Celestial Studio – (DN) Frigid

Poses: Long Awkward Pose & LeLutka

Fann-tastic Look of The Day – My First Ivalde Outfit

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - My First Ivalde Outfit

Its been a long time since I last blogged as I had been busy in RL. I was caught by surprise when I learnt from Neferia Abel’s IVALDE Blog that she has been ill, with her RL commitments and going to be without internet for a long period of time, she had made the decision to close all in-world store locations until she could be back. I was delighted that she was convinced thereafter to leave open her store located at Retrology.

Thanks to Jhuzen Ketsugo who organized a blogger challenge day on 8th June to show our favorite Ivalde/L’Abel look. I had came across Ivalde about 2 years ago and its one of the first few brands that I started noticing that time. I had been thinking of which outfit should I chose to shown for this post and decided to pick my very first purchase made, Renate Shorts Jumpsuit , which till now, its still one of my favourite outfit. I decided to create a more classy elegant look for this outfit to show that its certainly can be worn more than just a casual outfit. I wish Neferia all the best and hope that she will recover and return soon.

Outfit: Ivalde – Renate black shorts jumpsuit
Accessories: Muse – Blanche in Gold
Hair: Aden – Edie
Hat: Paper Couture – Black China Hat
Skin: LeLutka – LondonRevolutionLight-makeup 7
Eye Lash: Celestial Studio Lashes – Deviant
Shoes: Baiastice – Roses Dark Grey

Poses: Persona & AnaLu Poses

Author: Fann Hyun