[ S T Y L E ] Chamael


chamael (2)
chamael (3)
chamael (1)
chamael (4)

Archangel Chamael is one of seven angels with divine presence, sometimes also known as a spiritual warrior angel known often associated with judgement, discipline, and power.  It is also the angel of unconditional love.  This new release from Bare@Rose absolutely captures the essence of this divine being.  Love it!

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Eyes: ::Dulce Secrets:: Tempest Catwa Eyes Applier HUD  *** *NEW* 
Head Applier: [Pink Fuel] <Peach> – Adeline – CATWA Applier (MONOLID) for Catwa Powder Pack July 2017
Body Applier: [Pink Fuel] Adeline Body Appliers HUD for Catwa Powder Pack July 2017

Hair:  Clawtooth: Simply Saturday – Brunettes W/Roots Pack *** *NEW*
Eyeshadow: LIVIA::Allure Eyeshadow [Catwa HUD] ***
Lipstick: LIVIA::Fall Shimmer Lipstick [Catwa HUD] (old group gift) *** *FREE*
Lashes: ARTE – Alta Lashes [Catwa] *** 

Outfit:  ::: Bare@Rose ::: Chamael Lady (sword and wings included) *** *NEW*
Shoes: – Dora Sandals (Crow)

Poses: *Eternal Dreams* Kizzie 01 and 02
Place: Sanctuary
Music: Angel Warrior

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[ S T Y L E ] Akira


greenfairy (1)
greenfairy (3)

Magical and full of fantasy… this month’s Dazzle is filled with amazing creations.  This whimsical outfit is from Prism, available in various colors.  It comes with wings and the transparency can be adjusted with a HUD.  The hair can also be purchased at Dazzle.  It’s from Allie&Ali.  I styled it with beautiful jewelry from Moondance Boutique and simple pumps from SaCaYa.

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Eyes: ARTE – Toda Eyes [Catwa] ***
Head Applier: [Pink Fuel] <Peach> – Adeline – CATWA Applier (MONOLID) for Catwa Powder Pack July 2017
Body Applier: [Pink Fuel] Adeline Body Appliers HUD for Catwa Powder Pack July 2017

Hair:  Alli&Ali Akiko Hair White Gold at Dazzle *** *NEW*
Eyeshadow:  ARTE – Classic Eyeshadow [Catwa] for Catwa Powder Pack August 2017 ***
Lipstick: ARTE – Natural Lip Balm [Catwa] *** *NEW*
Lashes: ARTE – Alta Lashes [Catwa] *** 

Outfit: Prism Akira (wings included) at Dazzle *** *NEW*
Jewelry: Moondance Boutique Annette at Designer Showcase *** *NEW*
Shoes: SaCaYa – Fioana Pumps (Basic) *** *NEW*

Poses: Serendipity: wish
Backdrop: Pseudo– The Greenhouse Scene ULTRA RARE at Backdrop City
Music: Great Fairy’s Fountain (dj-Jo Remix)

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[ R O L E P L A Y ] Frozen Heart Fairy

Frozen Heart Fairy

A bit of magic and fantasy today…  I am wearing Entice’s exclusive for Genre this round.  The butterfly wings are bento and they are included along with the tiara.  I changed up the look a bit with translucent purplish eyes from Arte, and fantasy make up from Livia.  The ring is from Moondance Boutique, an advent gift.  As you can see I am back to my LeLutka head.  It’s by far my favorite look.  🙂



Hair: [NANI] Courtney.Hair *SALE*
Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
 Eyes: ARTE – Translucent Eyes [LeLutka] at Cosmopolitan *NEW*
Head Applier:  ItGirls – LeLutka Sin Applier – Sui Summer
Body Applier:  ItGirls – Fade Body Applier – Maitreya
*** Make-Up: LIVIA::Allure Eyeshadow & Lips [LeLutka HUD] at Cosmetic Fair *NEW*
Nail Polish: LIVIA::First Snow Nails [Applier HUD] at Cosmetic Fair (gift) *NEW* *FREE*
 Outfit: Entice – Frozen Heart at Genre *NEW* 
*** Ring: Moondance Boutique Opallios Ring  (2017 Christmas Advent Gift for group members) *NEW* *FREE*
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Heather
Poses: *Eternal Dream* Kizzie
Location: The Land of Morathai!
Music: Feelz (feat. Sonna Rele)

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[ R O L E P L A Y ] Medieval Wench

Medieval Wench

I certainly don’t need another mesh head but so many of my friends have been raving about Vista Animations I decided to give it a go.  So far, I am loving my new mesh head.  As expected, the animations are flawless and the HUD is fairly easy to navigate.   I just need to an appropriate Asian skin for the head, so if anyone has suggestions please send them my way.  The head is Omega compatible so if you know of any Asian skins on Omega applier please let me know.  The one I am currently wearing is an old release from Lumae, which is no longer available.  Make up was easier with all the Omega appliers out there.  However, if you prefer something more customized check out Arte.  Arte just released a few make up appliers for Vista.  They are currently on sale at eBENTO event, at 25% off.  Anyways, on to the outfit, I brought back a bit of medieval spirit with this new release from Dreaming Thicket.  The folds of the skirt are done so well.  There are available in various deep jewel tones on sale at We ❤ Role-Play.  For jewelry, I went with simple beads and leather combo from Moondance Boutique.  Both the necklace and earrings are for men, but they are perfectly fine for women too… and they are free advent gift.


Hair: [NANI] Melody.Hair (part of old hair mega pack) *SALE*
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
 Eyes: !Musa!Apatite Eyes Fatpack (Omega HUD) at We ❤ Role-Play *NEW*
Head Applier: Lumae :: Fae – 3 – Rosy // Bare
Body Applier: Lumae :: Maitreya Applier // T3 – Rosy
*** Eyebrows: ARTE – Mikela Eyebrows [VISTA] at eBENTO (25% off) *NEW*
*** Eyeshadow: ARTE – Lux Eyeshadow [VISTA] at eBENTO (25% off) *NEW*
Nail Polish: LIVIA::X-mas Gold & Red Nails at Applique *NEW*
 Dress: Dreaming Thicket – Briar Rose Dress – Bluebell We ❤ Role-Play *NEW* 
*** Earrings: Moondance Boutique Clawed Earrings (2017 Christmas Advent Gift for group members) *NEW* *FREE*
Necklace: Moondance Boutique Clawed Necklace (2017 Christmas Advent Gift for group members) *NEW* *FREE*
Poses: Bounce – Helena
Location: Lands of Luth
Music: Always There When I Need You

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[ R O L E P L A Y ] Ofuku


Wow!  It’s been a busy week in RL.  I am so glad the work week is over.  Anyways, today I bring you a bit of Japan.  The hairstyle is new from kisetsu, inspired by ofuku hairstyle.  I am told ofuku hairstyles are hairstyles worn by senior maikos, i.e. generally  maikos that are over 18 years old.  Maikos are apprentice geiko.  Geiko is a term generally used to refer to geishas from Kyoto.  I am learning quite a bit about the geisha world.  It’s quite fascinating.  I didn’t realize you could tell the difference between maikos and geikos by looking at their hairstyles!


*** Hair: kisetsu – Ofuku Hair *NEW*
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Sofia v3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
 Eyes: ARTE – Toda Eyes [Catwa] at The Chapter Four *NEW*
Head Applier: Pink Fuel – Bambi Crystal Catwa Applier
Body Applier: Pink Fuel – Crystal Maitreya Lara Applier
*** Lipstick: LIVIA::Candy Drip Eyeshadow & Lips [Catwa HUD] at The Darkness Event *NEW*
Nail Polish: alaskametro<3 “Kimono” nail art – Maitreya Manicure HUD
*** Outfit: ** milky-way.::sakura::. *16-01 Kimono:haori-Pink LB 
*** Shoes:  ::: Bare@Rose ::: Princess Kimono Maitreya Boots (part of set) 
Poses: [Long Awkward Poses] Geisha Girl Pose Set
Music: The Japanese House – Clean

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[ R O L E P L A Y ] Darkness Queen

Darkness Queen

For today’s post I had a bit of fun playing around with drag make up.  I found this shop called Dotty’s Secret which specializes on drag queen make up and I felt like a little girl in a candy store.  I have a big respect for drag queens.  There is so much talent and dedication on what they do.  Anyways, today I am a queen of the darkness.  The gown I am wearing is from Dreaming Thicket for Enchantment, inspired by the evil queen in Snow White.  I am wearing two different headpieces to create a more dramatic effect.  My jewelry is new from Moondance Boutique available at XXX Event.





*** Hair: {POSH PIXELS} Avangarde Mesh Hair
Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
*** Eyes: !Musa! Beryl Eyes Fat Pack (Omega HUD) at The Gacha Garden *NEW*
Head Applier: The Skinnery – Natsumi Honey
Body Applier: The Skinnery – Maitreya Body Applier (honey)
Make-Up: Dotty’s Secret – Tina Blowers Make-up Set 
 Dress: Dreaming Thicket – Poison Apple Dress – Hellebore at Enchantment *NEW*
*** Headpiece: [Marquesse] Elizabeth Headpiece (part of set)
Headpiece: WICKED * Morana – Crown
*** Jewelry: Moondance Boutique Anastasia at XXX Event *NEW*
 Shoes: *CNZ* My Wings Heels *NEW*
Poses: Lalochezia – Instant Crush
Location: The Arcanum
Music: The Phantoms – Into The Darkness (Dragon Age Inquisition Theme Song)

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[ R O L E P L A Y ] My Inner Cyborg

My Inner Cyborg

When I saw this skin at We ❤ Role-Play, I knew I had to have it.  It’s so unique and I certainly have not seen it done before.  I am embracing my inner cyborg today modeling this cute mini dress from The Annex also available at We ❤ Role-Play.





Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Nima
Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Eyes: Izzie’s – LeLutka – Wounded Angel Eyes
Head Applier: *YS&YS* Pris ELF Skin Applier LELUTKA Bento Heads (Omega Body Applier included) at We ❤ Role-Play *NEW*
*** Eyelashes: LIVIA:: Lashes No.1-3 [LeLutka]
 Dress: The Annex – Aeon Dress – Black at We ❤ Role-Play *NEW*
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Hyacinth – *MM* silver
Poses: oOo Studio – Ghost
Location: INSILICO
Music: STARFORCE & DYNATRON – Cyborg Cyclops

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