Month: September 2011

Black Widow

I am wearing another new skin today.  This one is from Glam Affair which I picked up at The Dressing Room.  I love the dark thick eyebrows, gives the face more definition and character.  I know I will be reverting to my usual skin soon, but I am a skin whore after all and have a lot of different skins sitting in my inventory… so why not share some of my favorites from time to time.  The earrings are once again from Paper Couture, another new release this season.  I am loving every piece of jewelry by them and would not be surprised if this is all I wear for the next couple of weeks.  The gown is new from Vero Modero.  Made 100% of delicate lace, it’s feminine yet sexy, revealing just enough skin.  The hair piece is included along with the lace gloves.  What I love about Vero Modero is most of their outfits come fully styled which is great for lazy people like me who sometimes cannot be bothered. It’s effortless and yet I know I still look great.  Talking about laziness, I finally adjusted the lashes from Apple May Designs to fit my face.  It was actually very simple.  The lashes are scripted so all I had to do is click on the menu +/- until it fit my eyes.  It didn’t take more than one minute to do so.  The sad eyes are from Izzie’s, great if you want to capture more emotion in your pictures, especially close up.

Hair: ICON Hair by Joy Laperriere
Skin: Glam Affair – Amelie Tan Silent Night
Eyes: Izzie’s – Sad Eyes Brown
Eyelashes: Apple May Designs – Ultimate Lashes Double Wing
Manicure: Pixel Mode – Sculpted Nails French Manicure
Outfit: Vero Modero – Adile Uni Gown
Earrings: Paper Couture – Crystal Cluster Earrings
Shoes: Maitreya – Slinky Stilettos Patent Black
Poses: (pda) – For Paper Couture Set (sold at Paper Couture)
Location: Paper Couture

Hollywood Glamour

This is the newest face available at Apple May Designs called Catalina.  I am loving the soft and feminine features of this new skin, so I decided to take a break away from my usual skin, Curio’s Jasmine, for today’s post.  The skin comes with prim lashes which I am not wearing.  They are great, but they need of a bit of editing to fit my avie so I gave it a pass today and instead went for some from Redgrave.  The earrings are new from my all time favorite store, Paper Couture.  The talented Lu sisters recently released a new collection which I am drooling over.  The exquisitely intricate crystal earrings are great on its own, especially worn with a simple evening gown.

The evening gown I am wearing today is from Amarelo Manga Couture collection.  It’s simply elegant.  I think the back is more interesting than the front of the dress.  The silver chain at the back holding up the dress is a nice detail not to be missed, thus the bonus shot of my back below…

Hair:  Lamb – Witch Twix
Skin: Apple May Designs – Catalina Peachy
Eyes: Nana – Natural Brown Eyes
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Eyelashes 12 Catwalk
Manicure: Pixel Mode – Sculpted Nails French Manicure
Dress: Amarelo Manga – Dress Red Life
Earrings: Paper Couture – Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Pose: Reel Expression – Luth Classy Set
Location: RMB City

Casually Cool

This is definitely a look I would wear in RL.  Although I love all the glam and glitz of fashion, RL me is very much casual.  The weather in Seoul has been quite volatile intraday, cooler mornings & evenings but warmer during the day.  Layering is the best way to cope with the extreme changes of temperature and this look is simply a replica of what I have been wearing lately.  The knit cardigan is actually menswear.  I had to edit the prims smaller and make my chest a bit flatter to fit me better.  The tiger sweater is my latest obsession.  I have a soft spot for animal prints!!!  The jeans are not new, but I love the fit.  By the way, the hair I am wearing today is from ChiChickie!  It’s actually part of a full avatar package in collaboration with KRB Skins, but I am being told it will be available in all of ChiChickie’s usual color packs very soon.  I can’t wait~

Hair: ChiChickie! – Sarah Walnut (part of Sarah – Total Avatar by KRB Skins & ChiChickie!)
Skin: Curio – Shell Frex Dark Jasmine Pure 3
Eyes: Nana – Natural Brown Eyes
Lashes: ChiChickie! – Natural Lashes (part of Sarah – Total Avatar by KRB Skins & ChiChickie!)
Manicure: Fleur – French Beige Nails
Cardigan: Pivaaca – Homme Long Bolero Cardigan Black
Sweater & Tee: Milk Motion – My Tiger Cashmere
Jeans: Maitreya – BF Jeans #8 with Belt
Earrings: Bliss Couture – Chain Earrings (group gift)
Bag: Izumiya – Kinchaku Bag Leather Shoulder Back
Shoes: FIR & MNA – The Ashford Brogue Womens Brown Patent
Poses: LAP – Just Standin and Casually Cool
Location: Crack Den

Old Cinema Glamour

This is a look I put together over the weekend, but failed to share with you as I had issues with my desktop.  I am using my friend’s computer in the mean time.  The dress was a weekend special from Aleida, only L$60.  It comes with the lovely pair of platform pumps which I am wearing as well.  It’s a bargain I couldn’t resist.  The headpiece is an old group gift from Bliss Couture.  I tinted it a bit darker to the same tone as my clutch.  The earrings are a group gift from Bliss Couture as well.  This one is more current and still available at the store.  Make sure you have your group tag activated to receive the gift.

Hair: Baiastice – Lucrezia Hair Attachment Black worn with Hair Base Black
Skin: Curio – Swan Dark Jasmine Mysterious 1
Eyes: Nana – Natural Brown Eyes
Eyelashes: ChiChickie! – Natural Lashes (part of Melissa Total Avatar by KRB Skins & ChiChickie!)
Dress & Shoes: Aleida – Christa Minidress, Stockings and Marilyn M Stiletto (L$60 Weekend)
Hat: Bliss Couture – 38K Members Appreciation Hat (group gift)
Earrings: Bliss Couture – Chain Earrings (group gift)
Necklace: MiamMiam – Stranded Disc Necklace
Bag: House of Heart – Leather Clutch in Red
Poses: AnaLu – Fresh Poses 498 and 504
Location: Leroy

I Have a Job!!!

I have a job in SL!  I have just joined the Bax Coen team to be trained up as a Customer Service Representative. I am just a trainee at this point, but it’s great to be working again.  Bax Coen is one of my favorite shoe stores in SL, so I am excited to be part of the team.  To celebrate I put together a casual look wearing one of my favorites from Bax Coen.

Hair: D!va  – Maya Citrine Forelock (2nd Anniversary Gift)
Skin: Curio – Shell Dark Jasmine 2 Pure 4
Eyes: Nana – Natural Brown Eyes
Lashes: ChiChickie! – Natural Lashes (part of Total Avatar Melissa by ChiChickie! and KRB Skins)
Top: !Right – Jumper Una White Undershirt & Underpants
Cardigan: Coco – Cardigan on Shoulder Tricolor
Pants: KRB Skins – Butterflies Jeans (part of Total Avatar Melissa by ChiChickie! and KRB Skins)
Earrings: MiamMiam – Coco Diamond Studded Earrings
Necklace: MiamMiam Luxe – Stranded Disc Necklace
Bracelet: MiamMiam – Coco Bangle
Bag: BareRose – Bellissima 09 Brown
Shoes: Bax Coen – Prestige Boots Red Suede
Poses: Rozena – Walking Pretty Set
Location: Bax Coen Designs

Sweet China Doll

I am really loving this new face from Apple May Designs, such a sweet face and lovely lips.  Anyways, today I am wearing a lighter skin tone, which is what I usually wear.  I can’t wait to see more make up options.  The eyes are a gift from my friend and great blogger, Nana Minuet.  I have been wearing them for sometime, but I had a few people asking where to buy them so I added a SLURL below to her store.  These eyes are one of my favorites.  The dress I am wearing is new from Aleida.  It’s called China Doll, hence the title of my post today.  Ok, it’s not the most original but my brain is still on vacation mode.

Hair: Purplemoon – Dax in Dark Chocolate
Skin: Apple May Designs – Kat Pale Nitro 3
Eyes: Nana – Natural Brown Eyes
Lashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Eyelashes Pure
Dress: Aleida – Chinadoll Bleu
Jewelry: PRIMALOT – Freebie Pearl Jewelry Set
Bag: Cherry – Ivanna Evening Clutch Silver/Silver
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure
Poses: Rozena – Basic Stand Pose 2, Striking Poses – Princess 7
Location: Sixty-Nine

70’s Glam

Today I am wearing a new skin for a change.  Lately, I have been wearing Curio’s Asian skin, Jasmine, but when I received this review copy of Apple May Designs’ new face, Kat, I decided to give it a try.  To my surprise, the skin fit my shape very nicely.  Though I don’t look Asian, I love the facial features of this skin.  The glossy mouth and the deep set eyes are very appealing to me.  The hair is new as well from ChiChickie!.  The combination looks very 70’s, so today I tried to recreate a look inspired by the 70’s glam.  The dress is an all time favorite from LeeZu!.  The jewelry is new, from Amarelo Manga, a new store to me with some great jewelry and clothes.

Hair: ChiChickie! – Irene Chestnut
Skin: Apple May Designs – Kat Carmel Nitro 3
Eyes: Rozena – Brown Eyes Choco Brown
Lashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Lashes Pure
Manicure: Purplemoon – Glitter Nails Red (ring included)
Dress: LeeZu! – Betty Flexi Dress Old Gold
Jewelry: Amarelo Manga – Luanda Set
Bag: House of Heart – Leather Clutch in Violet
Shoes: Kalnins – Orchid
Poses: LAP – Barbie 14 and Pretty Carrie
Location: Eternidad, Distressed Textures