Gothic Dollie


The photo session with Voshie Paine from La Petite Morte was a big inspiration.  I had been sitting in front of my computer having trouble creating looks for my blog when Voshie asked for help with her ad poster.  After the photo session, I hurried back to my office and put together this gothic dollie look.  This is definitely not an outfit I would wear in RL, but SL is all about experimenting and trying different things.  There are so many fashion and lifestyle options in SL.  It would be a shame not to explore them.  It is after all one of the many things that draws me into this virtual world.  Craving for some Lolita dollie dresses, check out The Dollhouse by LVS.  Ravenlynn Templar.  The Dollhouse carries extremely cute dollie dresses at really affordable prices, L$99 each.  There are lots of choices, so I am sure you will find something of your liking.

Hair: Katat0nik – Gat Jamz Hair
Skin: Curio – Shell Frex Dark Jasmine Pure 1
Eyes: Nana – Natural Brown Eyes by Nana Minuet
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Eyelashes 10 Twiggy
Makeup – MY UGLYDOROTHY – Poupee Hunt Makeup Teeth
Dress: The Dollhouse – Fishnet Dollie
Necklace: Spider Production – Skull Webbed Necklace Plain
Bracelet: Mezzo – Silver Skull Bracelet
Shoes: Anexx – Vaudevillian Shoes Black (previous Designer United)
Prop: La Petite Morte – Marionette Strings Back
Pose: LAP – Fantasy Dolly, Glitterati – Doll 3
Location: Wretched Hollow


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