[ s t y l e ] The Narcissist in Me

Narcissus, what a great theme for Designers United!  After all, I think all of us have a bit of narcissim in us.  With so many designers participating, I really enjoyed my shopping experience at Designers United this time around.  I found a good number of new brands, at least new to me… which is always fun and exciting.  Today’s look is just a few of many things I purchased at the event.  Make sure you check out Designers United before Sept 15.  I am sure you will find something of your liking.  I have to warn you though, there is an overload of yellow and narcissus flower inspired outfits. 

Hair: Waffles – DU4 Blind Speech Say Nil Vanilla
Skin: LG Pd’A – DUMAH Clair Makeup DU4 Blonde Base
Eyes: Tuli – Jade Eyes Honey *R*
Lashes: Sweetest Goodbye – Eyelash
Other: Trins – Alpha Mask Head 1 Hide Eyelash
Manicure: Shop Seu – Yellow Nail
Dress: Tram – DU4 Narcissus Dress 2 (hair accessory included)
Shoes: LMK – DU4 Narcissus Lace Up Heels
Mirror: Magic Nook – DU4 Vanity Mirror (scripted with 4 poses)
Location: Forest Feast
Advanced Sky Settings: Torie Senne WL Settings
Music: FreeTEMPO – Imagery featuring Rika Yamada


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