[ s t y l e ] Delicate Perfume Bottle

Rock Me Amadeus is a brand I found quite sometime ago but I never really shopped there as most of their products were lingerie.  I don’t really have much need for lingerie in SL, thus it has been one of those stores I had forgotten about.  Recently, however, I saw a notecard in one of the blogger groups looking for bloggers to review their products, so I decided to pay a visit and check out the store.  Rock Me Amadeus still carries a lot of sexy lingerie.  The collection of revealing outfits is not what caught my attention, but this delicate dress in an interesting shape which reminds me of a perfume bottle. 

I love the subtle dreamy colors, thus went with Tuli’s recent ICON hunt gift for make up, glittery golden shadows and glossy lips.  The hair is new from The Obscene for Hair Fair 2010.  It is one of my first purchases from the fair this year.  Make sure you check out Hair Fair 2010 and be ready to spend some of your lindens for a good cause!!!  For SLURL to each designer at Hair Fair, check out the list here.  I had to use some fairy like poses today for this outfit.  My choice today is Diesel Work’s Natya set. 

Hair: The Obscene – Lu Umber (Hair Fair 2010)  
Skin: Tuli – Jade Tone 3 ICON (ICON hunt item)
Eyes: Tuli – Jade Eyes Sage Bigger  *R*
Lashes: Magika – Real Prim Eyelashes
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure Pearl
Jewelry: Ganked – Jealousy Jewelry Set in Amber
Outfit: Rock Me Amadeus – Runway Creme  *R*
Shoes: Kalnins – Saleina  *R*
Tool: Boot Fixer by Tatiana Niven 
Pose: Diesel Works – Natya 1 and 4  *R*
Location: Alirium
Advanced Sky: Caliah’s WL Preset
Music: Nouvelle Vague – I Melt With You

NOTE: *R* denoted review copies and *S* denotes sponsor.

One comment

  1. Just a little FYI, this dress is from a pre-made template and can be found in many other stores on the grid, some for more and some for less….

    All in all….it is mass produced almost like the clothing you would find at a K-Mart


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