[ b e a u t y ] HyeRim

I had a few readers IM me about the skin I used for my most recent post on Royal Blue.  HyeRim is the new face available at Sunny Soon Su Skin by Suny Aeon.  Suny Aeon is a new skin designer and her work though not perfect looks quite promising.   HyeRim’s face is so cute, based on a real life Korean American top model, Hye Park.  The skin pack comes with 10 different makes ups, with two different options each (with teeth and closed mouth).  The pack also has sexier cleavage option on clothing layers and tattoo layer, as well as  extra body highlight option in clothing layers and tattoo layer.  Suny has also included an extra tattoo layer of eyelashes + blush as a bonus.  Eyebrows are included as well.  Unfortunately, the make ups are not sold individually, but as a whole package of goodies for L$1000.  Note there were two things I wasn’t too keen about these skins, the hands and the ears.  The hands looked a bit old in my opinion and the ears looked a bit weird to me.  However, I like the face so much I am willing to wear these skins with hairstyles that cover my ears.  Afterall I picked up so many from Maitreya at the recent sale.  Check out Suny’s store and try some demos for yourself.

Hair: Maitreya – Alex Chocolate
Skin: Sunny Soon Su Skin – HyeRim Make Up 1 Tooth *** NEW REVIEW COPY ***
Other Makeup: Sunny Soon Su Skin – Eyelash + Blush (tattoo layer)  *** NEW REVIEW COPY ***
Eyes: Tuli – Brown Eyes
Lashes: Sweetest Goodbye – Eyelash  *** SPONSOR ***
Pose: C’est La Vie – Free Peace Pose #1 (free)
Location: My Photostudio
Advanced Sky: Caliah’s WL Preset
Music: Clazziquai Project – Tell Yourself


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