[ s k i n ] Alaskametro<3 Skin System

I have been away for a few months due to some personal issues in RL, but I am back now full of energy and ready to get back into my daily SL fun.  I am still playing catch up so please bear with me if I have been slow in responding.  There are so many new releases I missed.  I am literally broke catching up with my shopping!

Anyways, my dear friend and mentor, Alaska Metropolitan, hosted a party this past weekend celebrating the launch of her new skin brand, alaskametro<3.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend.  However, she was kind enough to drop me some samples of her new skin system which I think it’s absolutely fabulous!  I have always been a fan of Alaska’s skins.  Her skins are high quality, handdrawn skins, something you don’t see much of these days, as most skinners prefer photosourcing. 

The new skin system by Alaska is quite affordable.  Purchase a base skin (no make-up) pack for L$900 and add make up variations by purchasing a make up pack of four for L$150.  This is possible because Alaska has created make up packs on tattoo layer, available only in Second Life 2.0.  I think this is extremely clever and quite exciting.  I can’t wait to see all the make up choices Alaska has to offer!!!

Anyways, I chose the following options for my base skin: rose skin tone (which is a warm beige pinkish toned light skin), brunette hair color, and 03 eyebrow option (sparsely plucked brow arch).  There are four skin tones (rose, bronze, spice, and ebony), four hair colors (blonde, red, brunette, and raven), and three eyebrow shapes (01 – smooth, combed, 02 – elegant, natural, and 03 – sparsely plucked) to choose from.  Each base skin pack comes with four options: regular, waxed, freckles, and fleckes/waxed.  Waxed is Brazilian style bikini wax.

The two make up choices shown above are Two-faced “Earth” 02 and Two-faced “Matte” 02, both in light version.  These make ups are on tattoo layer and only L$150 for a pack of four make ups or L$75 for a pack of two make ups.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get different make up options anymore!  Make up layers are copy/modifiable.  You can add textures for nail polish, tattoos, body glitter, etc. , freeing up other clothing layers for other clothes or accessories.  For instance, Alaska’s nail polish is available on both gloves/socks layer and as textures.  Drop the nail polish texture to your favorite make up tattoo layer, and your socks and gloves layers will be free for what they are intended for, socks and gloves!  Yes, now you can wear your fingerless gloves and show off you nice manicure at the same time!

I think Alaska’s new skin system is very clever and great value for money.  Try out some demos and see if these skins work for you!

P.S.  The lingerie I am wearing in this post is part of Pacadi Jasha’s new release for the Summer.  These are so cute and refreshing, available in great vibrant Summer colors~

Hair: Ghost Snickers by !lamb
Skin: Rose Skin – Brunette, Brow 03, Freckled Waxed with make-ups Two-Faced Matte 02 and Two Faced Earth 02 by alaskametro<3 *** REVIEW COPY ***
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Eyelash by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Manicure & Pedicure: Mocha by alaskametro<3 **REVIEW COPY ***
Bra: Sophi Bra 04 by Pacadi Jasha *** REVIEW COPY ***
Panties: Secret Panties 04 by Pacadi Jasha ***REVIEW COPY ***
Pose: Fierce Carrie by LAP


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