Month: January 2010

[ s t y l e ] Padded Chic

I love the new padded down jacket from Sweetest Goodbye.  It’s extremely well made and the cropped shape is edgy, quite different from other down jackets in the grid.  Here is a look I would definitely wear in RL.  

– BODY –
Hair: Sasha Bistre by Maitreya RED CROSS HAITI
Skin: Jules Red Cross Natural by Rockberry RED CROSS HAITI
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Photoshoot II Lashes by LeLutka

Jacket: Apollo 18 Blue by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Top: Priscilla in White Top by Lost Dreams Designs (part of outfit) *** MODEL COPY ***
Undershirt: Emi Strapless Dress Top by Pink Outfitters (part of outfit)
Pants: Cropped Pants Black by Coco
Bag: Yfke Bag Midnight by Pacadi Jasha *** REVIEW COPY ***
Shoes: Thigh High Boots Black by J’s

Poses: Glam 7, Celeste 3 and 8 by Diesel Works *** REVIEW COPY ***
Music: LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous

[ s t y l e ] Nordic Knits

I am back to my comfy knits, keeping myself warm during these cold winter days.  A trapper hat, bulky knits, boyfriend jeans and a pair old boots are some of my basics in my RL winter wardrobe.

– BODY –
Hair: Bea Updo Onyx by Pocket Mirrors (edited color to add dark brown highlights)
Skin: Uma Pale Kringle by Cyanide (free)
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Photoshoot II Lashes by LeLutka

Hat: Plaid Trapper Hat by Agent Orange  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Coat: Nordic Knit Coat Red by Aoharu
Top: Stretchy Stripes Knit Dress Top by Gigi Couture (part of outfit)
Jeans: Jeans 03 Light by Sweetest Goodbye  *** SPONSOR ***
Bag: Bellissima 09 Brown by BareRose
Belt: Color Belt Old Leather by Bukka
Shoes: Leather Riders Boot by Anexx

Pose: In Motion, The Look, and Bringin It by LAP
Music: Cloud featuring Yoanna – Winternights (Nordic Lounge)

[ s t y l e ] Spanish Lullaby

I recently received a few dresses from La Maison De La Couture for review.  It is a new store to me, so I was excited to check it out.  I set my eyes on this dress called Spanish Lullaby.  I have a soft spot for anything to do with Spain and those who know me should know why.  Anyways, the dress was inspired by Spanish embroidery and lace.  The deep plunging V-neck is extremely sexy, but the ballerina tutu like skirt makes the whole outfit sweet and innocent.  It seems like a contradiction, but after all I am a complicated woman! 

Note poses used today are new releases from Diesel Works~

– BODY –
Hair: Gwen Smoke by ETD
Skin: Spanish Make Up 2 Beauty Mark by Unique Megastore (Soul)  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Photoshoot II Lashes by LeLutka
Manicure: Red Nail by Shop Seu

Earrings: Formal Back Earrings by Aurelia Borealis (part of set)
Bracelet: Frola Black Pearl Bracelet Black Chain by R.A. Crystal (part of set)
Bag: Clutch A.01 P-Red by (MN) Handbags
Dress: Spanish Lullaby Spanish Power 2 by La Maison De La Couture  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Shoes: Slinky Stiletto Patent Red by Maitreya

Poses: Celeste 4 and Shake 2 by Diesel Works *** REVIEW COPY ***
Music: Chapterhouse – Mesmerize

[ s t y l e ] Tres Jolie!

I was one of the lucky bloggers to receive a folder with some review copies of Pacadi Jasha’s new releases.  The folder contained a few items including the Amba Silk Dress in light blue and the Yfke Bag I am carrying today.  Because so many great bloggers have already blogged the dress as is, I decided to create my own unique outfit by mix & matching parts of the dress with other items in my inventory.  Above is the final result, a cute flirty outfit perfect for that afternoon stroll in Spring or Summer.  Yes, I am looking forward to warmer weather already!

– BODY –
Hair: Sakaya Long Onyx by D!va
Skin: Ling Bronze by Glance Skins
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada

Glasses: Ultimate Bugeye Glasses Light Frames by Fashionably Dead
Ring: Cocktail Ring Black by Noir Lolita
Bag: Yfke Bag Midnight by Pacadi Jasha *** REVIEW COPY ***
Top: Priscilla in White Top by Lost Dreams Designs (part of outfit) *** MODEL COPY ***
Skirt: Amba Silk Dress Skirt & Belt Light Blue by Pacadi Jasha (part of outfit) *** REVIEW COPY ***
Shoes: Orchid by Kalnins

Poses: Handbag 08 by ImpEle, Luth Party Dress 04 and 09 by Reel Expression
Music: Winterplay – Crazy Love

[ s k i n ] Down the Memory Lane I: Alina Skins by Naughty Designs

I have been doing some inventory cleaning lately since my inventory items reached almost 150,000.  It’s still an on-going process, but I finally got myself to box and store away the very first skins I purchased as a newbie, Alina from Naughty Designs.  I have owned these almost three years and trying them on brought back a lot of good memories from my earlier days of SL.  I believe I wore these skins to my very first model audition.  I can’t remember if I was picked for the job, but there were only a few good skins available back then.  I am feeling nostalgic, so this week I felt like sharing some of my older skins before I store them away in a box.

Skin: Alina “Spotlight Gurl” Beach Tan (Hair) by Naughty Designs worn with Supermodel Hair included in the skin set
Eyes: Promise Eyes Brown Pale 11 by MADesigns
Lashes: Eyelashes Beta Version by Sweetest Goodbye  *** SPONSOR ***

[ s t y l e ] Diva

Bliss Couture gowns always make me feel like a diva.  Miss Virtual World Gown is no exception.  Its shape accentuates the feminine body and the shimmering texture gives you all the shine you need to feel like a star.

– BODY –
Hair: Una Coffee Bean by House of Heart (now known as Hairy Situations)
Skin: Adriana Sunny Glit EB Dark NH by YourSkin & YourShape  *** GIFT ***
Eyes: Expressive Eyes Brown 2 by Unique Megastore  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Lashes: Eyelash Beta Version by Sweetest Goodbye  *** SPONSOR ***

Necklace & Earrings: Diamond Pearl Menagerie Set by Paper Couture
Gloves: White Gloves Medium by 5th & Oxford
Dress: MVM Gown Fire Engine Red by Bliss Couture  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Shoes: Greta Bare by Stiletto Moody

Poses: Luth Party Dress 01 by Reel Expression and Attention Whore 11 by (OMFG) I Love It!
Music: Thievery Corporation – Theme from a Dream

[ s t y l e ] Showing a Little Bit of Love

 One big aspect of Second Life® I appreciate is the amount of kindness and sharing.  As you may be aware, a lot of designers have created special items to help raise funds for Haiti.  These items are for sale over at a skybox in Scribble.  All proceeds from the sales will be going to the Red Cross International Response Fund to assist the injured and support hospitals during this emergency and tragedy.  I had a chance to stop by over the weekend and contribute a little bit to the cause.  Here are a few of the things I picked for today’s look.

– BODY –
Hair: The Knife Dragees by Tiny Bird (Red Cross Haiti)
Skin: 005-01 Beta Version by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Eyes: Promise Eyes Brown Pale 11 by MADesigns
Lashes: Eyelashes (Beta Version) by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Manicure: Red Nails by Shop Seu

Earrings: Red Cross Carnival Earrings by Kunstkammer (Red Cross Haiti)
Vest: Down Jacket Special Friends by Pure Style *** GIFT ***
T-shirt: Wings Tee Red by Fishy Strawberry (Red Cross Haiti)
Armwarmers: Finn Brown Stripe by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Pants: My Wool Pants Beige by Milk Motion
Stockings: Grey Owl Socks by Twosome
Shoes: Le.Look! La Femme Boots by Bax Coen

Prop: Crates by Molto Bene (Red Cross Haiti)
Pose: Attention Whore 9 by (OMFG)I Love It! *** REVIEW COPY ***
Music: Marillion – Beautiful