Month: January 2010

[ s t y l e ] Padded Chic

I love the new padded down jacket from Sweetest Goodbye.  It’s extremely well made and the cropped shape is edgy, quite different from other down jackets in the grid.  Here is a look I would definitely wear in RL.  

– BODY –
Hair: Sasha Bistre by Maitreya RED CROSS HAITI
Skin: Jules Red Cross Natural by Rockberry RED CROSS HAITI
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Photoshoot II Lashes by LeLutka

Jacket: Apollo 18 Blue by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Top: Priscilla in White Top by Lost Dreams Designs (part of outfit) *** MODEL COPY ***
Undershirt: Emi Strapless Dress Top by Pink Outfitters (part of outfit)
Pants: Cropped Pants Black by Coco
Bag: Yfke Bag Midnight by Pacadi Jasha *** REVIEW COPY ***
Shoes: Thigh High Boots Black by J’s

Poses: Glam 7, Celeste 3 and 8 by Diesel Works *** REVIEW COPY ***
Music: LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous

[ s t y l e ] Nordic Knits

I am back to my comfy knits, keeping myself warm during these cold winter days.  A trapper hat, bulky knits, boyfriend jeans and a pair old boots are some of my basics in my RL winter wardrobe.

– BODY –
Hair: Bea Updo Onyx by Pocket Mirrors (edited color to add dark brown highlights)
Skin: Uma Pale Kringle by Cyanide (free)
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Photoshoot II Lashes by LeLutka

Hat: Plaid Trapper Hat by Agent Orange  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Coat: Nordic Knit Coat Red by Aoharu
Top: Stretchy Stripes Knit Dress Top by Gigi Couture (part of outfit)
Jeans: Jeans 03 Light by Sweetest Goodbye  *** SPONSOR ***
Bag: Bellissima 09 Brown by BareRose
Belt: Color Belt Old Leather by Bukka
Shoes: Leather Riders Boot by Anexx

Pose: In Motion, The Look, and Bringin It by LAP
Music: Cloud featuring Yoanna – Winternights (Nordic Lounge)

[ s t y l e ] Spanish Lullaby

I recently received a few dresses from La Maison De La Couture for review.  It is a new store to me, so I was excited to check it out.  I set my eyes on this dress called Spanish Lullaby.  I have a soft spot for anything to do with Spain and those who know me should know why.  Anyways, the dress was inspired by Spanish embroidery and lace.  The deep plunging V-neck is extremely sexy, but the ballerina tutu like skirt makes the whole outfit sweet and innocent.  It seems like a contradiction, but after all I am a complicated woman! 

Note poses used today are new releases from Diesel Works~

– BODY –
Hair: Gwen Smoke by ETD
Skin: Spanish Make Up 2 Beauty Mark by Unique Megastore (Soul)  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Photoshoot II Lashes by LeLutka
Manicure: Red Nail by Shop Seu

Earrings: Formal Back Earrings by Aurelia Borealis (part of set)
Bracelet: Frola Black Pearl Bracelet Black Chain by R.A. Crystal (part of set)
Bag: Clutch A.01 P-Red by (MN) Handbags
Dress: Spanish Lullaby Spanish Power 2 by La Maison De La Couture  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Shoes: Slinky Stiletto Patent Red by Maitreya

Poses: Celeste 4 and Shake 2 by Diesel Works *** REVIEW COPY ***
Music: Chapterhouse – Mesmerize

[ s t y l e ] Tres Jolie!

I was one of the lucky bloggers to receive a folder with some review copies of Pacadi Jasha’s new releases.  The folder contained a few items including the Amba Silk Dress in light blue and the Yfke Bag I am carrying today.  Because so many great bloggers have already blogged the dress as is, I decided to create my own unique outfit by mix & matching parts of the dress with other items in my inventory.  Above is the final result, a cute flirty outfit perfect for that afternoon stroll in Spring or Summer.  Yes, I am looking forward to warmer weather already!

– BODY –
Hair: Sakaya Long Onyx by D!va
Skin: Ling Bronze by Glance Skins
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz by MJ+Dada

Glasses: Ultimate Bugeye Glasses Light Frames by Fashionably Dead
Ring: Cocktail Ring Black by Noir Lolita
Bag: Yfke Bag Midnight by Pacadi Jasha *** REVIEW COPY ***
Top: Priscilla in White Top by Lost Dreams Designs (part of outfit) *** MODEL COPY ***
Skirt: Amba Silk Dress Skirt & Belt Light Blue by Pacadi Jasha (part of outfit) *** REVIEW COPY ***
Shoes: Orchid by Kalnins

Poses: Handbag 08 by ImpEle, Luth Party Dress 04 and 09 by Reel Expression
Music: Winterplay – Crazy Love

[ s k i n ] Down the Memory Lane I: Alina Skins by Naughty Designs

I have been doing some inventory cleaning lately since my inventory items reached almost 150,000.  It’s still an on-going process, but I finally got myself to box and store away the very first skins I purchased as a newbie, Alina from Naughty Designs.  I have owned these almost three years and trying them on brought back a lot of good memories from my earlier days of SL.  I believe I wore these skins to my very first model audition.  I can’t remember if I was picked for the job, but there were only a few good skins available back then.  I am feeling nostalgic, so this week I felt like sharing some of my older skins before I store them away in a box.

Skin: Alina “Spotlight Gurl” Beach Tan (Hair) by Naughty Designs worn with Supermodel Hair included in the skin set
Eyes: Promise Eyes Brown Pale 11 by MADesigns
Lashes: Eyelashes Beta Version by Sweetest Goodbye  *** SPONSOR ***

[ s t y l e ] Diva

Bliss Couture gowns always make me feel like a diva.  Miss Virtual World Gown is no exception.  Its shape accentuates the feminine body and the shimmering texture gives you all the shine you need to feel like a star.

– BODY –
Hair: Una Coffee Bean by House of Heart (now known as Hairy Situations)
Skin: Adriana Sunny Glit EB Dark NH by YourSkin & YourShape  *** GIFT ***
Eyes: Expressive Eyes Brown 2 by Unique Megastore  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Lashes: Eyelash Beta Version by Sweetest Goodbye  *** SPONSOR ***

Necklace & Earrings: Diamond Pearl Menagerie Set by Paper Couture
Gloves: White Gloves Medium by 5th & Oxford
Dress: MVM Gown Fire Engine Red by Bliss Couture  *** REVIEW COPY ***
Shoes: Greta Bare by Stiletto Moody

Poses: Luth Party Dress 01 by Reel Expression and Attention Whore 11 by (OMFG) I Love It!
Music: Thievery Corporation – Theme from a Dream

[ s t y l e ] Showing a Little Bit of Love

 One big aspect of Second Life® I appreciate is the amount of kindness and sharing.  As you may be aware, a lot of designers have created special items to help raise funds for Haiti.  These items are for sale over at a skybox in Scribble.  All proceeds from the sales will be going to the Red Cross International Response Fund to assist the injured and support hospitals during this emergency and tragedy.  I had a chance to stop by over the weekend and contribute a little bit to the cause.  Here are a few of the things I picked for today’s look.

– BODY –
Hair: The Knife Dragees by Tiny Bird (Red Cross Haiti)
Skin: 005-01 Beta Version by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Eyes: Promise Eyes Brown Pale 11 by MADesigns
Lashes: Eyelashes (Beta Version) by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Manicure: Red Nails by Shop Seu

Earrings: Red Cross Carnival Earrings by Kunstkammer (Red Cross Haiti)
Vest: Down Jacket Special Friends by Pure Style *** GIFT ***
T-shirt: Wings Tee Red by Fishy Strawberry (Red Cross Haiti)
Armwarmers: Finn Brown Stripe by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Pants: My Wool Pants Beige by Milk Motion
Stockings: Grey Owl Socks by Twosome
Shoes: Le.Look! La Femme Boots by Bax Coen

Prop: Crates by Molto Bene (Red Cross Haiti)
Pose: Attention Whore 9 by (OMFG)I Love It! *** REVIEW COPY ***
Music: Marillion – Beautiful

[ s k i n ] OMFG – Elle Skin

Redsoledrea Gossipgirl from (OMFG) I Love It! was kind to give me a sample of her newest item in her store, Elle Skin.  Thank you!  So far, the Brown Sugar pack shown above and below comes in one skinpack called Glam R Us.  You get 2 brow options and 4 different make ups, all for L$800. 

What I like about these skins is the facial features.  As you can see closely below, the face is soft and feminine.  The make up is quite basic, mostly in neutral tones.  My favorite is actually GLAM, reminiscent of the 80’s with bright pink lipstick.  For those who are picky about body details, you might be a bit disappointed.  There are some visible seam lines, especially on the ankles, and the body shading is a bit blotchy. I personally care more about the face as I hardly get naked in SL, but I would probably choose a different skin if I am showing some skin.  Head over to OMFG, pick up some demos and try them on! 

By the way the lingerie I am wearing for this post is from Pacadi Jasha.  Lotta Shelman sent these to me a few weeks back when I was on holiday and didn’t get around to wear them until today.  Thank you!  I love this store.  Perhaps on a later day, I can show you some of the goodies I picked up at this lovely store.

Hair: Olivia Smoky by JE*Republic *** REVIEW COPY ***
Skin: Elle Brown Sugar GLAM-R-US Pack by (OMFG) I Love It! *** REVIEW COPY ***
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Tiger’s Eye by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Eyelashes (Beta Version) by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Lingerie: Oona Lingerie by Pacadi Jasha *** REVIEW COPY ***
Poses: Luth Runway V2 05, Luth Swimsuit 01, and Luth Innocence V2 02 by Reel Expression

[ s k i n ] Preview Snapshot of Upcoming New Skin at Sweetest Goodbye

This is just a quick snapshot of the upcoming new skinline at Sweetest Goodbye.  Morphine Janick was kind to send me a beta version today.  It’s so sweet and very different from the skins I usually wear.  I can’t wait to see the finished product. 

Hair: Pop’nGirl Black by Junwave
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Tiger’s Eye by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Eyelashes (Beta Version) by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***
Skins: 002 – 01 (Beta Version) by Sweetest Goodbye *** SPONSOR ***

[ p h o t o ] Bridal Sunset

I love taking in-world photos so why not share them with everyone in my blog.  This is one of many I am taking right now for my modeling portfolio.

Hair: Wynn Smoke by ETD
Skin: Daydream Cameo Champagne (Nov’09 Group Gift) by Cupcakes
Eyes: Cabbage Eyes Tiger’s Eye by MJ+Dada
Lashes: Photoshoot II Lashes by LeLutka
Outfit: Aimee Gown Champagne by LeeZu! *** SPONSOR ***
Pose: Barbie 2 by LAP
Location: Lost World