[ s k i n ] Mei Li Geisha Skins by Adam n Eve

[ s k i n ] Mei Li Geisha Skins by Adam n Eve

Sachi Vixen from Adam n Eve was kind to drop me some samples of her new skin lines.  One of them was Mei Li Geisha skins.  Mei Li Geisha skins, as the name suggests, has been inspired by Japanese Geisha make ups.  I have always been intrigued by Japan, the food, the culture, the people, the language, etc., so I was delighted to try them on. 

These skins are gorgeous.  I think it would look great not only with traditional kimonos, but also great with high fashion edgy clothes.  Today I opted for a more traditional Japanese kimono.  By the way, I wanted to thank my dear friend Emi Bade for pointing me to the best kimono shop in Second Life, Sweetholic.  If you are in need of a great kimono, check out Sweetholic.  They carry a large selection of beautiful kimonos as well as traditional Japanese accessories. 

Getting back to these skins, the body details is quite realistic, especially the bottom half.  A single skin pack comes with 2 options, bald and with hair.  It also comes with matching manicure and pedicure in gloves and stockings layers, as well as a  pubic hair option in underwear layer.  I did not see any visible seamline issues, and I quite like the face.  I look Asian!  Yay!  See below for close up.

[ s k i n ] Mei Li Geisha Skins by Adam n Eve


Hair: Sweetholic – Oiran Hair (part of outfit)
Skin: Adam n Eve – Mei Li Geisha 4 and 10
Eyes: Dreaming Alice – Real Glass Eyes Black
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Vogue Lashes
Manicure: Adam n Eve – Mei Li Manicure Geisha 4 (included in skin pack)
Pedicure: Adam n Eve – Mei Li Pedicure Geisha 4 (included in skin pack)
Kimono: Sweetholic – Oiran 1.0 (includes worn items like oiran hair, kimono and geta, as well as unworn items like shape, eyes, and kiseru)
Bikini: Callie Cline – Red Baby Swimsuit
Poses: Poseur – Kimono 1, Reel Expression – Luth Sex Sells V2 3 and 4



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