[ s t y l e ] Hwang Jin Yi

Hwang Jin Yi

A couple of days back, I got an inquiry about Korean traditional clothing designers in SL.  I only knew of two.  One of them closed down her shop a while back and the other has not created anything new since 2007.  Thus, I went searching for places in SL where you can buy hanbok (Korean traditional clothes).  I knew my friend Morphine from Sweetest Goodbye carried some which I have worn before, but I wanted to see if there were other designers out there.  I only found a few places, but I was pleasantly surprised to see some options over at LittleDoll by my friend Beaumont Ryba.   The outfit I am wearing today is her newest creation called Oriental Design Dress 12.  It is a great replica of hanbook, worn a la kisaeng style.  Kisaeng were Korean female entertainers who entertained upperclass men, politicians, and kings, similar to geishas in Japan.   They were trained in the fine arts, poetry, literature, music, and dance.  The most famous kisaeng in Korean history is Hwang Jin Yi during the 16th century.  There are lots of movies and TV series made about her.

Today I chose to wear QiaoII Skin from DrLife by Diana08 Xue.  Diana08 specializes in Asian skins.  She blends hand drawing and photosourcing to create her skins.  She used pictures of Song Hye Kyo for QiaoII Skin.  Song Hye Kyo is a famous Korean movie star, who actually played the role of Hwang Jin Yi in the movie released in 2007.  Diana08’s skins are soft.  The body details are not as prominent as the skins we see in the grid these days.  Personally, I prefer the soft shades over too realistic details.  Diana08 also offers an endless makeup version to all her skins.  The endless make up version allows you to use the sliders on the appearance box to change the color of the eyeshadows, eyeliner and lips.  DrLife is definitely a place to check out if you are looking for some great Asian skins. 

Hair: ETD – Tyra Smoke
Skin: DrLife SilkGirl – QiaoII C Endless Makeup
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Ocean Driftwood Medium
Lashes: LeLutka Beaute – Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: Shop Seu – White Nail

Hat: Little Girl – Oriental Design Dress 12 Jayon Gat
Outfit: Little Girl – Oriental Design Dress 12 Jayon02
Earrings: LeLutka – Natural Stone Earrings Jade by Miabella Foxley
Bangle: Spork – Antique Gold Bracelet Jade (previous hunt gift)
Bag: Orchid Dreams – Lola Hangbag (no longer available)
Shoes: 50 Flats – Gray Block Flats (freebie)

Pose: Reel Expression – Luth Classy 9, LAP – Geisha Classic and Geisha Memoirs
Music: 유열 – 은행나무 언덕



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