Fann-tastic Look of The Day – Fun in Kawaii

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - Fun in Kawaii

I love fashion in SL as I can wear any kind of fashions that I like irregardless of weather, age, colours and sizes that we have to consider in RL. I had decided to create a fun look and play with colours today.

I was hanging out the other day with my friend, Aradia Dielli, when her floral print dress caught my eyes and I asked her where did she purchased the dress from. Thanks for her tip, I teleport to Maria Bonita, where she bought it. Initially I thought it was a small store and was surprised to find there were far more than I expected. Today’s outfit was one of my shopping buy from there and I love it for its cuteness and the colourful little floral prints near the collar. Outfit comes with a black turtle neck sweater and the dress that you can choose to wear together or seperately. I chose to wear them together.

I paired the dress with one of my favourite boots from Gbberish and wore this cute girly side ponytail hair from Junwave. To add in more fun factor into this look, I chose this heart shaped sunglass and also attached a small little panda shoulder pet from PF. Credits as follows:

Outfit: Maria Bonita (Lee Loo) – little flowers pink outfit
Hair: Junwave – Sidetail Hair (Brown)
Skin: Lelutka – London Pale makeup 2b
Manicure: Celestial Studios – (DN) Manicure Frigid
Bag: Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag (Blue Suede)
Earrings: Second Mirage – Morah silver and turquoise dangling earring (No longer selling)
Boots: Gbberish – La Jalousie Boots (Moonlight)
Sunglass: PF – Heart Glasses
Shoulder Panda: PF – Baby Panda Sitting Up (small)

Author: Fann Hyun



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