Fann-tastic Look of The Day – A Sweet Delight

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - A Sweet Delight

I am going for something sweet yet casual today. I love everything I’m wearing today and they are something I will definitely love in RL. When I learnt that MG Fashion is going to released this high waist pant/body suit called Jersey Girl, I was full of anticipation and delight. I rushed immediately to purchase the suit when it was released. I love the texture and sweet design. The pants and the high waist parts come in all layers, perfect for mix and matching. I matched with one of my favourite sheer lace top from Pixel Dolls – Anticipation, wearing only the shirt layer. The lace blouse has puffy cuff sleeves which looked so feminine, with the lace trimmings on the sleeves and around the neckline. This yummy knit stole is from SD Boutique and is my absolute favourite stole now.

Sheer Lace Blouse: PixelDolls – Anticipation lace top (shirt layer)
High Waist Pant suit: MG fashion – Jersey Girl (olive)
Knit Stole: SD Boutique – F-KnitStole (black)
Hair: Dernier Cri – Tara
Earring: JCNY – Gold Star Earring 2.0
Skin: Lelutka – London Light makeup 7
Eye Lash: Detour – Love
Socks: Starshine – Tube Socks – Green with Orange Stripes (Modified)
Boots: Maitreya – Billow Boots Brown

Author: Fann Hyun



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