Month: January 2009

[ s t y l e ] Something Different

Something Different

I was chatting with my friend Fann Hyun, about the fashion industry in SL®, about how we as models have to embrace different styles and make them our own.  We both agreed the same is true with bloggers.  I really admire bloggers like Ana Lutetia and Milla Michinaga (though she is not blogging anymore).  They are both true chameleons of style, but somehow their identities are not lost in the process.  I decided I should step out of my comfort zone and experiment from time to time.  Well, today is one of those experimental days. 

The dollarbie hairstyle from Philotic Energy in celebration of Australia Day gave me a perfect excuse to try something different.  Punk rock is definitely not my turf, but I love this hairstyle so I decided to give it a try.  I digged in my inventory and found this red leather jacket from Aoharu I picked up during a sale a while back.  It’s a men’s jacket, but the prims were easily modifiable to fit my body.  Then I looked for a grungy t-shirt.  Livewire from Sweetest Goodbye seemed most appropriate.  The jeans were the easiest part of the outfit.  For shoes, I went with Ving Boots, a new release from Shiny Things.  I added other casual elements like biker gloves from LeeZu!, a silver pendant necklace from Izumiya, and a ring with spikes from Chaos Lotus.  For earrings, I decided to wear two different earrings.  The bag I chose to carry is the GYM Bag from LeLutka. 

Perhaps it’s too cliché, but I quite like the outcome.  The way I would have normally accessorized these clothes would have been with red stiletto heels and a clutch which would have glammed up the look a bit.  However, today was about a different me so voila!

– BODY –
Hair: Philotic Energy – Autumn LE Australia Day Special
Skin: Domestic V – 04 Rotten Metal Skin Natural
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – MMS Photoshoot II Lashes

L Earring: Talisman – Greta Earrings Grey
R Earring: Chaos Lotus – Triple Tiny Hoops
Necklace: IZUMIYA – Bad Cat Pendant
Jacket: AOHARU – BT Riders Jacket Red
T-Shirt: Sweetest Goodbye – Livewire Female, Camie Cooper – Black Tank Top Bottom Only (underwear layer tinted dark grey)
Gloves: LeeZu! – Nif Nif Gloves Black
Ring: Chaos Lotus – Fuck Off Hematite Ring
Bag: LeLutka – GYM Bag Gray
Jeans: Iki – Skinny Jean Belted Medium
Shoes: Shiny Things – Ving Boots Black

Pose: LAP – Seduction, LAP – Bringin It, and LAP – Jus Standin

[ s t y l e ] A Dinner Date With Friends

A Dinner Date With Friends

It’s Chinese New Year today.  In Korea, Chinese New Year is a huge deal.  Most people return to their home towns and celebrate Chinese New Year with their families.  It’s almost like Christmas, but instead of Christmas dinner, we have New Years brunch.  Our family is no exception and we all gathered at my uncle’s for a huge breakfast, but tonight I am meeting my friends for dinner to have our own little celebration. 

Usually we don’t dress up when we meet up but today is special.  We are wearing our best gear and meeting up at our friend’s restaurant for dinner.  I chose a tight fitting pencil skirt which inspired today’s look.  I know some people hate system skirts.  I happen to like them despite the added extra pounds on the back.  Anyways, the dress I am wearing to create the look in SL® is Freydis from Ivalde.  The balloon shape of the sleeves adds an interesting twist to otherwise a simple dress.  The colorful wide sash belt from eLDee cinched at the waist emphasizes my curves.  I chose black and silver accesories, a silver brooch from UnTone and black diamond drop earrings from Chloë.  Chloë’s mainshop will be opening up on Jan 31.  Mark your calendars, because Chloë carries some fabulous jewelry essential for any fashionista.  Black lacy gloves, simple black pumps, and of course a black clutch for the evening complete today’s look.

For hair and make up, I wanted to keep it extra-stylish.  This hair is one of my favorite hairstyles in my inventory.  It’s called Crooked Coif from COIF.  It’s very low prim so it’s quite appropriate for the runway or for any highly laggy environment.  The skin is one of Minnu Palen’s earlier work.  I believe it’s not available now, but any neutral tone make up would do.  I chose this particular one, because of the turquoise green eye shadows and interesting lips.

– BODY –
Hair: COIF – Crooked Coif Black
Skin: LeLutka – MM Light SkinGloss Grass
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – MMS Photoshoot II Lashes

Earrings: Chloë – Black Night Earrings (part of set)
Brooch: UnTone – Silver Chain Flower
Dress: Ivalde – Freydis Teal
Belt: eLDee – Dulce Belt Seagreen (part of outfit)
Gloves: LeeZu! – NOIR SinSin Gloves (part of outfit)
Bag: +plus – Black Clutch Bag
Stockings: House of Serendipity – Evangeline Black Lace Stockings (part of outfit)
Shoes: Maitreya – Slinky Stilettos Black Leather

Pose: Striking Poses – Ashanti Freebie Pose, Striking Poses – Christina Applegate Freebie Pose, AnaLu – Fresh Poses 319

[ s t y l e ] It Snowed in Seoul Today

It Snowed in Seoul Today

It snowed in Seoul today.  The streets were covered with white snow this morning.  Although the view from my apartment was pretty, I dreaded stepping out because I hate walking around on icy roads.  The past couple of days were extremely cold, and despite the snow the temperatures have not risen much.  Thus, today’s look is all about comfort and warmth.

I don’t usually wear a hat in RL, but a knit hat is essential to keep you warm on a day like today.  I actually have a knit hat in RL just like the one I am wearing from ::69::, so needless to say I bought this hair without hesitation.  Since I will be running around taking care of errands ahead of Chinese New Year, I pulled out some comfortable leggings from Malt Fashions and cozy sweater from Skin Flicks.  The fur coat from Pure Style keeps me warm.  Made 100% of prims and scripted to resize, it is one of the best options available out there in the grid.  Mimify Loon also assured me no animals were hurt on the process.  For shoes, I stuck with the latest fashion trend in Asia.  This time from J’s.  I thought the black and white of today’s look could be a bit boring so added a bright red bag from Muism to make it more fun.  If you have noticed I tend to do that a lot, plain color clothes and an eye-popping accessory.  No jewelry today… keeping it simple.

Off I go to get those errands done.


– BODY –
Hair: ::69:: – Escape 03 Blackishbrown
Skin: LeLutka – MMS Pale DIVA Makeup 5A
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – MMS Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: LF CHAI – CHAI Polish Red

Coat: Pure Style – Long Fur Coat Smoky Dalmatian
Sweater: Skin Flicks – Lorraine Sweater Dress Mini Beige
Bag: Muism – Chaine Leather Crimson
Pants: MALT – Slinky Leggings Black
Shoes: J’s – 2Way Short Boots Black

Pose: Reel Expression – Luth Fashion S4 1,2, and 12

[ s t y l e ] Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons I usually spend at home but today I met up with some friends for afternoon dessert and movies.  It’s snowed heavily the past couple of days so it was not pretty walking around in slush and icy roads.  Anyways, SL is great since we are not subject to the weather or restricted by the seasons.  You can wear whatever you want.

I am already looking forward to spring and summer so today I tossed away my winter coats and sweaters and chose to wear something more appropriate for spring.  I kept the look simple and easy by not mixing too many colors today.  The bohemian top is a new release from Apple May Designs.  It’s one of those items I bought as soon as I received the group notice.  It’s so me.  The jeans are from Iki, part of the $50L sale of separates over at Pixel Dolls.  I paid L$50 for a pack of  6 colors.  I love great bargains! 

For shoes and bags, I chose a dainty handbag from MiamMiam and wedge heels from ETD, in similar color tones as the top.   The earrings and necklace are from Kraftika.  I own almost everything from this store.  Each piece is quite unique and well crafted.  It surprises me that it’s not blogged more often, because it’s one of my top tier shops in my shopping list.  My hands still felt a bit bare, so I picked a big and bold ring from Paper Couture to finish the look.

One more thing, the skin, it’s my new obsession from Bebae, Belina skin.  The whole grid has been raving about them, and I am no exception.  This one was a group gift.  Thanks Gogo for giving me a heads up!  After I tried this skin, I knew I had to have other make ups so I ended up buying the fatpack.  Yes, I am a skin whore.

– BODY –
Hair: ETD – Wynn Smoke
Skin: BEBAE – Belina Group Gift
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – MMS Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: LF CHAI – CHAI Polish Retinal Sizzle

Earrings: Kraftika No. 131 Earrings (part of set)
Necklace: Kraftika No. 131 Necklace (part of set)
Top: Apple May Designs – Heart Breaker Crimson
Bag: MiamMiam – Eydie Handbag Prune
Ring: Paper Couture – Everbloom Ring
Jeans: Iki – Skinny Jeans Indigo
Shoes: ETD – Hampton Wedge Tyrian Purple

Poses: LAP – Cam Hor, Jewelry Pose 6, and Swimsuit Come On In

Fann-tastic Look of The Day – City Chic

Fann-tastic Look of The Day - City Chic

Today, I’ve put together some of my favourite items in my inventory and mixed them to acheive the city chic look. I am playing around with white,silver and black color theme. Special note on this hair, it’s the new release from MADesigns. They are also selling hairs now. This hair although suppose to be men’s hair but I love it at first sight and glad that it still fits well and certainly can be used for both male and females. 

Credits as follows:

Jacket: Armidi – Classic Pinstripe Blazer [White]
Top: LeLutka – Turtle Neck black (worn without neck attachment)
Skirt: Digit Darkes – Kasbah Eve (Worn only Skirt attachment and belt)
Hair: MADesigns Hair – Brad
Earrings & Necklace: Chloe – Time Set Silver (Opening 31st Jan 2009)
Boots: Stiletto Moody Slouch Boot (Beige Leather)
Skin: CS – Vogue Enchant
Eye Lash: CS Lashes – Deviant

Author: Fann Hyun

[ s t y l e ] Country Chic

Country Winter Chic
Today’s look is what I call country chic.  I am a city person.  I can’t see myself living in the countryside, but I do need to take a break once in a while from the hectic city life and escape to somewhere peaceful and quiet, somewhere surrounded by nature, where one can enjoy some horseback riding, outdoor picnics, and relaxed evenings with a good glass of wine by the fireplace.  Do I enjoy such luxury? NO, but I can always dream.

The dream started off with this cute jacket from Sweetest Goodbye.  If you know me, you probably know I help my friend Morphine Janick manage her store blog, Sweetest Goodbye.  My admiration for her talent evolved into a friendship, and when she asked me to help her, I accepted without hesitation.  So, I warn you.  I may be biased, but in my opinion Morphine is one of the most talented designers out there.  I love her detailed textures and her ability to work with sculpted prims.  This jacket is no exception.  It’s absolutely one of my favorite items in my inventory. 

The jacket is a bit short.  It’s meant to be cropped, so I layered Camie Cooper’s Long Tank Top under the jacket.  This tank top is essential for any SL wardrobe, especially if you like to mix & match.  I often use the underwear layer of the tank top to extend any t-shirts or tops especially when wearing low rise jeans or pants.  The white version can be tinted any color to match.

I always say you can’t have too many pairs of jeans, especially if you love them as much as I do.  These are from Riddle.  I am wearing comfortable laced up boots to walk around outdoors.  They are actually a bargain, only L$30 at HOC Industries.  These boots are scripted to change colors, 7 different choices available.  Armwarmers and hat give me extra warmth.  I am a city girl, so I am still carrying my LV tote.  The LV tote is not available for sale.  My friend Kazunari Mayo made them for friends.  She felt uncomfortable selling them for profit, so gave them away as presents. 

– BODY –
Hair: Celestial Studios – Jennifer Hair + Hat Espresso
Skin: Lion Skin – SU Pale 40
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – MMS Photoshoot II Lashes
Manicure: On The Catwalk – Catwalk Wine Nails

Earrings: Talisman – Moira Earrings
Jacket: Sweetest Goodbye – RPG Brown
Top: Camie Cooper – Long Tank Top Red (tinted darker red)
Armwarmers – Sweetest Goodbye – Finn Brown
Jeans: Riddle – Everyday Denim Medium Blue Jeans
Bag: Louis Vuitton Canvas 2 by Kazunari Mayo (not available for sale)
Shoes: HOC Industries – Leather Laced Boots 

Pose: Persona – Model Walk 2, Miss’ Stand 1, and Miss’ Stand 2

Fann-tastic Look of The Day

Fann-tastic Look of The Day

I am truly honoured that Francesca had invited me as the guest blogger for her style blog “Finishing Touches”.

Today’s outfit that I had put together, had been resting in my inventory for many days and had totally forgotten about them. I discovered this shop called Little Fish last month and fell in love with this grey sweater immediately and wanted to mix it together with other new items I’ve bought recently.

Credits as follows:

Sweater: Little fish – Winter sweater grey
Pants: MNK Shop – Tweed Half Pants_KALMIA labo
Scarf: Sey – Afghan stole=Paisley [A]
Skin: Bebae – Belina (group gift)
Hair: Bish Wear – Deena
Earrings: Designs by Chloe – Sin Earrings (opening 31st Jan 09)
Bangles: Sey – Silver bangle
Belt: Sey – Silver belt (tainted grey)
Gloves: Sey – Snow gloves (Black)
Eye Lash: Cake – Bedroom Lashes
Socks: SD Wear – Lady Bug Socks
Stocking: Paper Couture (tainted grey)
Boots: Redgrave – Girls’ Biker Boots -Sand-

Author: Fann Hyun